Modern Day Sniper -- LIVE WEBINAR -- 6 pm PDT, December 17, 2020

Caylen Wojcik

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Jan 16, 2020

Hey guys, I haven't been posting much here yet, but we're about to change that!

Some of you guys might not know us, or what Modern Day Sniper is all about. Don't let the name fool you, our roots come from being snipers, but we're riflemen at heart which is what we're all about. Regardless if you're a hunter, a competitor/enthusiast, or a professional, we've got it on lock with the experience.

I wanted to make you all aware that we've got an upcoming webinar tomorrow, and although this community isn't totally familiar with what we do, this is an opportunity for you guys to come see what we're all about, and get some knowledge tidbits free of charge. We just need an hour and a half of your time.

What’s a webinar??

Well, truth be told, I didn’t know what it was until recently either so I guess we’re friends now!

What I've learned is that it’s a really effective way to communicate with a lot of people at once. It’s 2020, we can accomplish a helluva lot from the device that I’m writing this message to you on. Our excuses dwindle daily…

So back to the webinar….

If you guys have listened to either Phil or myself in class or on the podcast you probably know we’re pretty passionate about what we do and how we go about life. It’s been pretty damned fun so far and we’re just getting started! So, we’re trying to do new things to connect with you and continue to show you what we’re all about.

We’re shooters, and we can all admit there’s a ton of misinformation out there about shooting in general, and more specifically, long range shooting. Everyone’s an expert and with all the avenues out there to push information it’s tough to know what’s what and who to believe, especially with the myriad of “free” information out there.

We’re all looking to progress our skills and push the boundaries of our equipment and ourselves. It’s difficult to find a way to chase after your long range shooting goals that’s easy on your time and wallet. We want to show you a better way. It’s new, and it’s not something that’s been done before in our industry the way we’re doing it.

We’re bringing you a way to learn at your own pace, on your own time and at a fraction of the cost of what you’d be paying to attend an in-person course. That’s what this webinar is all about.

We wanna show you what we’re all about, how we think, how we approach training, and how we can shift your mindset and elevate your skills, even with a virtual correspondence course.

We want about an hour and a half of your time in exchange for some lessons and some nuggets of knowledge to sweeten the deal for you. We’ll make it worth your while. Think of this like a live podcast of sorts.

Anyways, we’re looking forward to connecting with you and telling you what we’re all about. Crush that registration link button down below to get yourself started.

Thanks guys! Hope to see some of the Long Range Hunting Tribe in the webinar!

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