Matrix 160gr 6.5s????


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Apr 22, 2008
Dillon Mt
I have shot them exclusively in my 6.5 Sherman since I got the first box in January 2013. Hundreds of them down the tube testing them to 1500yds in all kinds of conditions ( most fun day, 14" rock @1450 in 20+ mph wind- 3 shot about half the size of the rock:)).

I wanted a bullet for long range elk and these were what Marshall sent. Have shot itty-bitty whitetail @ 20yds to mule deer and elk to just short of 500, and performance has been consistent in all. One and done, caliber size hole going in and no exit until the impact velocity drops below 2500fps. Penetration around a foot or a little more

On our range there is a steel plate from a truck fifth-wheel mount at 600yds that we were shooting the 6.5SS with 140 Cutting Edge bullets @ close to 3200fps and the 6.5 Sherman with 160 Matrix 2970fps. The 140gr bullet was riveted into the steel ( had to use a punch to drive it out) the 160 put a 1/2"hole through like it was drilled,I like high SD bullets:).

Like all the Matrix bullet I have shot they are very good quality and are extremely accurate in my rifle (3 shot groups as low as .08" @ 100).

I could go on for a long while about these bullets. but I think you get the idea.



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Feb 10, 2012
I ordered a box yesterday. Going to give them a try in my WSM.

Let us know what you think, I've been thinking about trying them in my Cooper 6.5x284.

Does anybody know what kind of speed I could expect out of a 24 inch tube?