marlin bolt action?


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Aug 5, 2009
Has anyone checked out marlins bolt gun yet. Kinda looks like a savage in some aspects (trigger, Barrel nut, Bolt head).
I purchased one in 25/06 about 3 months ago, just because it such a good deal. All reviews read said it would shoot less than MOA. I've been shooting sub-MOA using Fusion and Priv Partizan ammo. The only beef I have with the gun is a 22 inch barrel.
They will swap barrels with Savage. Same diameter, thread pitch, bolt head configuration. The even made the nut so a Savage nut wrench will work.

Now they just need to make a magnum bolt head and LH.
My hunting buddy does all the sighting in of rifles for a gun shop. When I take my hunting trip over to where he lives I get go with him to sight in rifles and I get to do a lot of the shooting. I have shot a number of the Marlin bolt rifles and most shoot pretty well with the factory ammo that is usually used in these rifles. I would bet that some good hand loads would really do well. For a cheap rifle they have a lot going for them.
Thank you for the input. That is very interesting that a savage barrel will bolt up to one. Seems like it could be a descent base for a cheap build.
I bought one from a guy that needed some money. It was one of those package deals complete with scope and all in 30-06. I gave the gun to my nephew along with some Remington reduced recoil ammo 125gr. The gun will shoot sub-moa for 3 shots and the trigger is better than the average factory gun. The scope is not much though. I say this is alot of gun for the money.
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