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    Jun 6, 2007
    Hi to all

    I finally found a load for my 338 lapua using 300gr smk with ADI powder @ 92.5grains of powder and pushing the bullet out at 2760 fps on a 27 inch barrel. I am happy with the velocity and extremely happy with the groups that i got, but had a problem opening the bolt. It was a bit hard to open it. I dont believe its the load as it was doing the same thing even on 88 grains of powder. What could it be?

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    Dec 23, 2009
    If you only had trouble opening the bolt its usually a tell-tail pressure issue.
    If you had the problemb closing and opening the bolt then its probably a sizing issue.
    How far are you bumping your shoulder back when re-sizing?
    I had a simmilar issue a while back for closing and opening my bolt. My die was cranked all the way down to where the shell holder at the top of the ram hit the die on the cam over. I couldnt go any smaller, and was sure I had to be at factory specs. Turns out I was wrong. I wound up making a .030 shim out of paper and tape and inserted it into the shell holder under the brass before I sized. Worked like a charm. (only good for about 12-18 cases per shim, as the paper and tape ware out quickly).