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Jan 11, 2015
Central Minnesota
I drew an antelope tag and I'm looking for a pack that can carry a rifle, and pack out the meat for those goats. Along with other misc things. I think it would be some sort of day pack ill be needing but I'm looking for suggestions as i know pretty much nothing about them and there are to many choices. Thanks!
I recently bought one of the Badlands Summit packs on sale at Midway I've got about 10 miles in with it so far, It is the most comfortable pack I've ever had on blows my eberlestock away for comfort!
I love my mystery ranch Metcalf. I never thought I would love it so much as a day pack. I train with it too. I am sure I have hundreds of miles on the pack and frame with weight. Two of my hunting buddies have the Metcalf as well.

Another buddy just bought a Kuiu, this will be his first season with it.
I heard over about Badlands Summit backpack as well. Good to see another good comment about them.
I have a badlands 2200 pack. With the adjustable rifle boot it is unbelievably comfortable to carry a gun. I've been putting some serious mileage on it getting ready for hunting season. I can throw 80 lbs in it and do a few miles and it's still comfortable. It also has a spotting scope pocket that is large enough for a vortex razor 20-60x85 which is impressive.
I've used some of the Badlands, eberleystock, and kuiu plus numerous cheaper packs. The kuiu is the first pack that I've used that I packed all season and can say that my shoulders never hurt. And I probably packed the pack 40 plus days hunting last year with loads of 20 plus pounds. I'm sure that some of the others are just as comfortable. Good luck with your search.
Just packed 86lbs of bear hide and meat out in my Badlands 2200 a few weeks ago. Most weight ive had in it and it seemed to do fine. No complaints about straps or buckles biting into me, just my inferior lungs and legs. ;)
Stone Glacier:

They have come out with a new system, and have a good reputation for quality packs.

I have a Mystery Ranch Crew Cab, and it's never let me down, but it is a heavy pack, pretty much indestructible, but I'm still looking for that ONE pack. I don't think they exist. Stone Glacier is next on my list. It's a race to the end old age or finding the ONE pack.
I have an Eberlestock J34 just one, has the built in rifle scaboard for sale... comes w/ blaze orange panel and bow bucket.. $250
With a Kifaru Gunbearer I can use almost any pack to comfortably carry my rifle and be able to "unsling" it much more rapidly than you can from a Eberlestock type gun pack, for example.

I carry it with the butt pouch on my pack belt (low and back by my hip) and the QR strap that holds the barrel on my pack shoulder strap but lower than my sternum strap. The rifle carries in a scope down position as the most natural way plus it keeps the rifle's center gravity lower.

Eric B.
+100 on the kifaru gunbearer! Been running one for 8-9 years. For climbing steep tangles and such...just great. Had big 6 point at 60 yards...gun out and dead bull in seconds. But OP is about packs I guess:) I use and love the Exo 5500 for everything...light weight but I've packed half a small bull out..150# plus I suppose..it'll handle all you can but comfy to day hunt with. Ymmv
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