Looking for a pack

I've used an Eberlestock X1 pack for several years now. It's packed deer and elk, so I'm sure it can handle a speed goat. Can carry even larger rifles as well. Easy to draw from.
Yeah, in my excitement to talk about the Kifaru Gunbearer I should also have said that I like the LRH Store's Badland's big Summit and medium Clutch packs. Both are loaded with good features and have good quality for a decent price.

When my current Camelbak Commander hunting pack bites the dust I'll probably get the Badlands Clutch B/C it's a good size to carry emergency bivouac gear for backcountry skiing.

Eric B.
I have a Mystery Ranch Pintler, and like it so far. This will be my first season with it and the gun bearer.
I know this is an old thread, but i just picked up a pintler as well. Absolutely love this pack!! Needs a rain cover and a few waist pouches, but otherwise near perfect as a day pack with the features to comfortably carry out some serious meat. I predict my badlands packs are gonna be lonely.
Gotta say, Majja13 is right. The Mystery Ranch packs are bombproof and very comfortable.

Dana, who makes Mystery Ranch packs, used to own Dana Designs and my 20 year old DD Terraplane is extremely tough. But at 7.5 lbs. I use it only for winter camping now B/C it is the only pack I have that is large enough for my winter sleeping bag and other heavier clothing.

Eric B.
I have a Kuiu Icon Pro. I have 2 other buddies who have the Icon Pro. I also have a buddy who has an EXO. All of us love our packs and use them as day packs and then have packed elk quarters with them. I had an Eberleestock Just One pack and it was heavy (empty) and not rigid enough when it was loaded down with meat. It always hurt my neck. I really like my Kuiu.
I went with the outdoorsman optics hunter pack. Nothing fancy and it's a little heavier than others mentioned but I really like it. Packed out 4 Elk with it this year using the frame/meat hauler. Never weighed the loads but each trip had a hind quarter and a front shoulder stuffed in it.
I recently bought one of the Badlands Summit packs on sale at Midway I've got about 10 miles in with it so far, It is the most comfortable pack I've ever had on blows my eberlestock away for comfort!

I bought one as well and have been thoroughly impressed. Works great with normal hunting loads and has held up well to 100lb training hikes. Just wish they didnt discontinue it.
I use my Mystery Ranch Metcalf for hunts that go beyond 3 to 7 days and my Mystery Ranch Crew Cab for a day pack and 1 to 3 night trips. Both are bomb proof and fully adjustable to achieve a perfect fit. I do like the Kifaru line as well, a little more in cost but you get what you pay for in quality.
I drew an antelope tag and I'm looking for a pack that can carry a rifle, and pack out the meat for those goats. Along with other misc things. I think it would be some sort of day pack ill be needing but I'm looking for suggestions as i know pretty much nothing about them and there are to many choices. Thanks!
I bought a new Eberlestock last spring & a zipper tore out after just a few hunts. Eberlestock would not back up the warranty. I fell back to using my old wore out pack. Still need to find one for the spring bear hunt. This past season I hiked 145 miles according to my fit-bit. I will probably try a Badlands or Tenzing.
Thanks, Kirk
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