Looking At The 17 HORNET and 17 HMR - help


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Jun 9, 2012
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My brother ask me for some advice on a new varmint cal. To shot rabbits and birds. He was looking at the 22 Hornet, and I told him to look at a 17 HMR or a 17 HORNET.
Does anyone own a 17 HMR OR a 17 HORNET?
· How accurate is it
· The price of the bullet
· Barrel life
· Overall goodness
I like the 17 Hornet it does something crazy like 3600 fps
Any input on ether the 17 HMR or the 17 HORNET
Having owned the 17 hmr Id rather shoot the 17 hornet. I sold both my 17 hmrs after shooting them enough in winds at 100 yds. The hmr is very accurate when there is NO wind. From my experiences due to its small size/weight shot placement is a must with that round. There wasnt a day all summer when we didnt havewind. Out of those 2 choices Id rather shoot the 17 hornet hands down. The ballistics look night and day better than the hmr.

That being said I do have a 22 hornet now that will knock the snot out of groundhogs out to 200 yds very consistantly. Out of my CZ 527 American Im shooting a Nosler 40 gn Ball tip with 11.6 gns of 1680 @ 2700 fps. You should also consider the 22 hornet if reloading due to its increase in energy into the target. I can get sub moa at 100 yds with those loads...plenty accurate out to 200 while still retaining enough energy to thump small game. Just another option that may work.
17HMR is a fun little gun. As stated above, very accurate IF the wind isn't bad.

I don't put much faith in in for big varmints, but for rabbits & birds, it would work. At close range, the little 17gr bullet is VERY destructive,....something to think about if your looking to save any of this game for the table.

Never shot one, but assume the 17Hornet would come with a little stouter bullets.
Ruger 77/17 17HMR Range & Field Report
Well went to range yesterday wind was very light. My Ruger 77/17 VMBBZ 17 HMR with 3x9 40mm Burris FF E1 scope shot 50 yds 5 shot groups .98 .371 .767 average .707 at 50 yds at 100 yds .937 .976 .985 all groups shot with Hornady 17gr V-MAX. Some things I saw in my groups was some groups were horrizonal and another vertical just like a line holes and on some that one flyer that would open up groups don't know if it was me or rifle or to much Coffee. I also notice bolt lift was harder on some shots than others all most like a hot load. I am going to try other loads & brands or lots just to see what happens
Field report on Ruger 77/17 VMBBZ 17 HMR great rifle worked flawless & the clips are great. Thoughts on .17 HMR out to 100yds on Praire Dogs worked great' at 150yds kills just worked fine dogs fell over and kicked a few times' beyond 150yds to 200 you could hit them and knock them over and they would kick a few times & run into there holes to die. So for me 150yds is realy the limit for the 17 HMR but was my first trip with the 17 HMR. The Burris FF E1 3x9 40mm worked great and reticle worked perfect nice size not to course & balistic plex was great useing the wind marks for hold off. only thing I would change on scope would be power ring outside diameter should be reduced my rifle Ruger 77/17 VMBBZ bolt can just kiss on max bolt lift and rifle came with high rings I would also change caps on windage & elevation knobs make them more slim. I think Burris is trying to make them look like target turrets. Overall impressions I was going to buy Remington 547 17 HMR but the deal on gunbroker.com fell through & I ended up with the Ruger 77/17 17 HMR no regrets a great rifle would buy again Burris scope is great buy at $ 200.00 Good Hunting.

Hope this helps. & just FYI 50 rounds of 17 HMR is about $ 12.50 about 17 Hornet I would guess is at least 2X as much.
I shot a friends 17 HMR 5 or 6 years ago. Fun gun and dead on accurate. We were chasing a little plastic bottle they sell oil in to mix with gas for chainsaws, this was at the bottom of a 100 yard berm, I nor he did not miss once.

Been thinking about a 22 WMR for the close work around barns and such. If you read Chuck Hawks (Google search) comments on the two it is interesting to say the least.
Just looked at the loading data on Hodgdon's site, yes indeed that looks like an interesting cartridge.
I have both. If you're talking occasional plinking, the HMR is fine. Any more than that, for serious shooting I'd go with the new .17 Hornet. My .17HH Savage, however is a bit rough around the edges and there have been reports of some feeding and tight bolt lift problems but not sure how widespread; C-Z's version is due out in early '13.
Ive owned both the savage and cz in 17 HMR and in fit, feel and finish the cz is head and shoulders above the savage..Id also give the accuracy edge to CZ as well. If your dead set on the 17hmr go the CZ route.
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