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Mar 19, 2006
polson MT.
Is there a big bore rifle that will shoot to a 1760 yd that will not burn the barrell out at 600 rounds ? I just cant afford to put a barrell on after 500-600 hunderd rounds. My 300 alutra shoots .700 MOA at 300 yds. But i have allready put 400 rounds and i have only had the rifle for 11 momth. so i would like to find something with enough authority to kill something at 1300-1400 yds that will last 1000-1200 rounds. anything out there like that? thanks Joe
3/4mi with authority your already shooting the min, their all pretty much going to eat barrels compared to say a 7mag or 300win mag. stepping up to a 338 edge may give you a little more barrel life, but just the nature of the beast big guns eat barrels.
Not that I know, but I've heard that the improved shoulders contribute to a longer barrel life. Maybe Kirby or another custom builder can clarify, if so when you have to rebarrel the RUM why not do an improved version? Cheaper than buying a different rifle.
In a .338 bore you should have no problem getting 1500 rounds even out of a 338 RUM and plenty of punch to shoot your distance......Rich
My browning 300 win is well over 1000 rounds(last guess was 1500) and it hasn't got any real erosion yet and will lay in 1" 200 yard groups easily. My 300 rum is over 500 rounds and it still hasn't shown any erosion. Take it easy on the rifle if you want it to last; ie. stay a couple of percent down on the load, keep your barrel cool, clean fouling out, avoid shooting in extremely hot weather, etc.. The bigger the bore, the longer it will last. My 7mag shows some erosion at about 500 rounds.
Is there a big bore rifle that will shoot to a 1760 yd that will not burn the barrell out at 600 rounds ?
30 caliber magnums used in long range prone matches years ago (and still are these days) had an acceptable barrel life of about 1200 rounds to stay under 1 MOA at 1000. A new barrel would shoot under 3/4 MOA at 1000 and that's typical these days. Max powder charges for 180 to 200 grain bullets in .30-.338's of 67 down to 64 grains of IMR4350 were normal, max safe loads. The 200's would leave at about 2950 fps and the 180's about 3050 fps from 28 inch barrels. For the .300 Win. Mag, one gets about 50 to 60 more fps and a 10% drop in barrel life. The modern 30 caliber rimless bottleneck cases holding the same amounts of powder for max loads will equal these old winners and record setters.

Barrel life discussions often get out of hand as those claiming 3000 rounds vs others claiming 1000 rounds probably have two different measuring means and methods based on their individual objectives. And some base accuracy on the smallest groups their stuff shoots while others use the largest group their stuff shoots as their method.
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