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Mar 17, 2002
I am currently hunting with a 52 LB 338 yogi and a 7 LB 7mm mag. I feel comfortable shooting the 338 to 2500 yards and the 7mm to 500 yards I need something in between. I am looking for opinions on a case and caliber for long range hunting (carry gun) I would be hunting Deer and Elk out to 1500 yards off a bipod. I need a bullet that we can see the hits for a spotter shot. But not recoil so much (with a brake) that I cant see the hits my self. I was thinking around 10 to 12 LBS for scope and rifle.
Crow Mag

It sounds like you're wanting something close to what I've been pondering too. The one I'm fixin to build is pretty much the same as your 338 Yogi, but I'm thinking under 14lbs, 12 would be better. I think I've settled on a 32" barrel for this one here, as it'll do everything I need it too and then some. I don't want to worry about having to pack it around if I must, but I want it heavier than I could make it be. Main reason is barrel stiffness and heat disapation when practicing. I think I've settled on the McMillan A5 stock and I'll use a Holland Quick discharge brake like the one my brother uses on his 338/378wby, it's very effective.

If you like how the Yogi shoots, I'd stick with the same awesome cartridge... I'm sure you could see the advantages are many by doing so too. Why not?
Crow mag,I think one of the finest long range rounds comes from your country in the 7mm Boo Boo.The strength of the RWS "68" case coupled with either the 176 GTB or the 180 JLK all available from Dave Tooley .We have experimented with a 7mm wildcat with very little difference to Daves(slightly longer neck and a different shoulder angle),Very impressive...JR..Jeff Rogers
I have pondered this myself...

to kill Elk at that range you need over 1000 lbs of energy...hard to get that..without going to 338 cal. In a carry gun you're looking at at least a Sendero type stock.. in not an A2, 3, 4, 5 McMillan.... that adds some weight but for a long poke from a bi-pod you need weight...

Myself personally am considering a 300 RUM shooting 240's at 2900.. that gives you 1200 ft.lb.s at 1500 yards.. but that is marginal for Elk.. at that distance.. I have limited myself to 1000-1200 tards for Elk...
Jeff Rogers
Tooley has a 7 Tooley and a 300 Tooley that are based on the 8x68 RWS case in his hunting series I will call him for his advise on this one to.

With the 300 Rum and the 240 can you see your own hits on rocks or dirt patches. I will be using a Rem 40 X action for this project with the Kevlar stock and a 30 inch barrel.

I would go with the 338 Yogi but think it would be hard to get back on target with a light gun to see the hits for a spotter shot. I have seen some of the guys at the 1 mile shoots shoot a 17 Lb gun in 300 Yogi and 338 Yogi with brakes on them and they do kick quite a bit. The 300 Yogi or 300 wolf may be the one for the job

Crow Mag

I hear ya, moving off the target might be an issue depending on how light you go nd/or what brake design you use. I don't use the sighter round method so it's not an issue for me tho. I've said this before, but my brother had a girlfriend about 18 and 100 lbs wet maybe, she shot his 338/378 9 times at 300, 600, and 900 yards one day we were out. This little young gal hit every rock she shot at too, when she started throwing rounds at a baseball bat size stick laying in the sand and hitting right beside it the last few shots, I was impressed to say the least!

I'm not really sure if the Holland brake controls muzzle flip better than some of the others but there are no vents in the bottom to blow dirt up in your face, just on the sides and on top, it might also be helping to keep the muzzle down better??? It definitely is efficient!!

Now a 7 or a 30 would obviously help keep your eye fixed on the target even better. Good luck with it. What bbl length are you going with?
I just tried out my 308 WarBird yesterday and couldn't be happier with it, shot a 3/8" group right out of the box with my handloaded 168gr. SMK's. This caliber is very close to the weatherby 30/378 and kicks like a 270 with the Dlask brake I had installed on it. Sounds to me like this might be a caliber you would like to look at.

What action did you use on that beautifull Baer built aluminum stocked rifle of yours? Also, what caliber was it again?

Have you got a pic of that white stocked beauty of yours too, a discription of it would be nice also.


Have you considered the 7 WSM at all? I know the guy shot it at the mile shoot you were telling us about, and did very well, so it does seem to have the potential, ya?

Len, hey there 7mm aficionado, what are your thoughts on the 7 WSM?
Crow Mag

What case would I go with for a 1500 yard shot in a carry rifle?

I know of a fellow that has my chambering 338/416 which is bigger then your Yogi and he made the longest kill I know of with a bypod. 2890 yards. It was on an elk and your Yogi with a lighter stock and by-pod would be fine.

With that being said, how about a 300 RUM or the Tomahawk or the 338 RUM or the 338 Laupua in a lighter rifle and by-pod??? Don't forget a muzzle brake to.

You have so many choices but the Yogi will do it to.

I think it would be something in the 338 shooting the 300 grain bullet for the 1500 yard shots, especially in the wind.

That bullet is hard to beat.


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The action is a 10 inch Bat I have 2 bolts for it one is for a 6.5/284 and the other is my 338 YOGI.
I cant find a pic of my LG I will post one later here is another of the aluminum stocked rifle with the 6.5-284 barrel on it

I am thinking the 300 rum imp or a 30-338 LM dont want to shoot a 338 yogi in a 12 LB gun

Crow Mag
Thank you for the help I was hoping to build a more portable rifle that is capable of making clean kills out to 1500 yards. This rifle will have a muzzle brake on it for sure. Would the Toahawk work with a 30 inch barrel or should I go with a longer toob?
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