Lazer range finders

Where can you find the Barr and Stroud range finders? How much, approx? How do they compare to the Wild?

Thanks for the feedback...

Jerry.The B+S range's in yard's.And the Wild range's in meter's.I have never used a Wild so I can not compare them.Ask Darryl if he still has one(B+S).I know he had one for sale a while back.You should be able to get one for around 5 or 6 hundred dollar's

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Hello Prime

It only hurts for a little bit when reaching in the wallet.

I don't think you can put a price tag on your shooting fun AND success.

Yes, $2950.00 is expensive but, I just sold 4 of these units last year and all who have bought them can't believe it.
I have seen them SOLD by others for $3500.00

I have 4 more to sell and there are some fellows rounding up the funds for two of them as we speak. i probably won't have anymore after these are gone.

These are certainly for the very serious longrange and ultra longrange hunter who wants the MOST accuracy and less bulk.

I am open for trade offers also. Guns, scopes, cars, jeeps, ATVs, houses, or what have you?
Darryl Cassel

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This is a sore point with me. I prefer the laser due to the fact that they are so convenient, easy to use, fast, and portable. The optical kinds are a pain in the neck in my opinion. The draw back with laser units is that they just don't work for the serious long range shooter. I have the Yardage pro 1000 and it is very good out to about 650 yards but beyond that the conditions have to be perfect. In other words, much of the time it won't do what I need it to. This is true of all commercial laser units that I have heard of.
This leaves long range shooters with 2 options. First, the opticals. They are consistant in any condition and will range as far as you can shoot. The problem is that they are cumbersome, time consuming, not as portable and just all around inconvenient.
Your other option, and best I believe, would be the Russian laser that Darryl uses. Excellent in all regards with the exception of price. With a price tag of a whopping 3 grand, they are WAY out of my price range.
I have already decided that I will be forced to buy a Barr & Stroud to range the distnces I plan to shoot. Wish I had never even heard about the Russian, oh well, maybe someday.
I bought a pair from Darryl last summer. Used them elk hunting last fall and they are incredible. All the accessories that came with the lasers were still in the original package. They worked flawlessly. We packed in 7 hours on horseback into the Gila Wilderness. The Barr and Stroud would have been too bulky and hard to use. I highly recommend the Russians. I forgot all about the price when I received them and they ranged anything I wanted to range on a FULL BRIGHT SUNNY day!
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