Large single stage presses:Which one?


Jul 20, 2001
Bought a new Rockchucker because the ad said"can handle even the biggest mag. rounds"...wrong. With comp. dies I cannot even use it.
Have looked at the RCBS Ammomaster $139 and Redding Ultramag $155 and out of stock. Is the Ammomaster a great press for big stuff i.e. concentric rounds?? Any others that should be considered? Does anyone have one for sale? thanks guys
Bonanza's Coax is generally thought to be the King of Concentricity and also quite stout.

I have two, quite satisfied. However, now that I think about your post you may be talking about whether it has enough height? Probably not.

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The Coax press will not be high enough for the larger cases. I have one.I understand there is a special handle that you can or could buy that would handle the higher die clearance.

I have also had the Ammomaster and it will handle about anything you care to load and it is very heavy duty. It will load the 50 Cal.

The Rockchucker will handle my 338/416 Rigby IMP with the high Neil Jones dies??? Are you loading bigger then that??

Darryl Cassel
Thanks Darryl, the cartridge is 300RUM with the 220 BT's. With Redding neck die it had to be run pretty high in the threads and with a Forster seting die it was just plain impossible to get the loaded round out. was really looking hard at the Co-Ax but I heard so many good things on the Accurate site about the Ammomaster I ordered one this morning. Thanks for the info
A. in TX,
Don't overlook the Redding Ultramag. I bought one only recently and my shooting buddies are already fighting over borrowing it! I assure you, it'll handle any job!!!

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