I have one pronghorn tag available on large NM ranch.

Guess in my reply you misunderstood... I don't have a tag but would gladly join in on a hunt... Let me know..

I hunt Washington, Oregon, Northern Cal and Idaho a lot... so I know the area very well.. Great blacktails, bear and predators..

De Opresso Liber
I hope you guys can get together.

We will all be looking for a "post hunt report".
Hey guys, thank you for all of the inquiries. I really appreciate it. However the tag has sold to one of our members. It's gonna be a good time.

I can also get some cow elk tags on another ranch in NM that is LOADED with elk and the ranch owner is long range friendly. These tags are very inexpensive. I'd like to put together a LR hunt if you guys would like to join...
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