Two-stage triggers

I use a Huber two stage on my 6.5-06 AI. I absolutely love it. You take up just a little slack and then you hit the "wall". Just a little more pressure and you get a clean, smooth break. They are not cheap ($300 or so), but well worth it. He makes them for several different actions. He has one for rem 700's - as long as the bolt stop has been modified to a side release and not the standard in fron of the trigger design.
I love them as well. I've got one in my AR....If i could only affford them for all my rifles......
Most AR's come from the factory with one, I believe it's a safety issue. Ever bump fired an auto?
Ruger M77VT rifles have the 2stage trigger and can be adjusted reasonably low.
I believe the M77VT is a very good rifle for the money.
I have a Ruger m77 predator in 22 250 and the two stage trigger is very nice. The take up is clean and then you get to the second stage. It breaks like glass and has no creep.
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