Interlock vs SST


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Feb 4, 2021
Brooklet Ga.
I just picked up a box of 139 grain SST and a box of 139 grain Interlocks for my 7-08. I want to use them for deer later this year. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between them. At most I will be shooting 300 yds.
SST has a polymer tip and a higher BC. I have heard that they tend to blow up and high velocity and close range, but have no experience with that. I have used the interlock's for many years on deer and antelope and work good out to at least 400 yards on thin skinned animals.
Interlock has been the gold standard in cup and core bullets for probably longer than I've been alive and have a interlocking ring which helps hold it together while penetrating. Early SST's were explosive but I haven't heard of any grenading in the last 10 years so possibly changed?
At under 300 yards at 7-08 velocity pick which shoots better and stay off the shoulder and you'll be fine.
380yrds (had her ranged at 305, came back off some grass I think?) 139SST out of my 7-08AI. Hit a little low because of the extra distance. Muzzle velocity of 2703fps. Entered infront of right front leg, crossed over the top of the heart and exited low mid torso. I've had excellent results with this bullet. I went with it because of the low muzzle velocity from my 18" barrel 20211230_172630.jpg20211230_172552.jpg20211230_172543.jpg20211230_174037.jpg20211230_173706.jpg
First hand experience with SST my granddaughter shoots the Hornday Reduced recoil SST out of CVA Scout
7MM-08 I've witnessed several kills almost every bullet exploded on impact tremendous external damage but minimal most cases a follow up shot was needed. The interlock is a far superior hunting bullet. Just my opinion, I'm sure others will disagree.
I really like, and use the 139gr SST's in my 7mm08/AR10. The are very accurate, feed well, and the higher BC over the lead tipped Interlocks produces sufficient energy and expansion for a very effective 600 yard hunting rifle….2000FPS/1200FPE@600 yards.
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I shoot 129 grain SSTs out of my 6.5x284. Chrono speed of 2910. These were originally designed to be my fire form load from my Savage 111 LRH. First, these are stupidly accurate out of this rifle. Secondly, I have shot more than 20 deer and antelope with this load out to just past 400 yards. None of the SSTs have "blown up". Except for one poorly placed shot, all of these animals have been killed with one shot. Interlocks are great too, but it seems the SST bashing is more of a hobby for people then based in overall performance.