Hutning bullet for 300 WSM?


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Nov 15, 2009
I have this custom built 300 WSM I plan on hunting this year with it, mainly antelope and mule deer possible elk if I draw for one. I havent shot it yet because I dont have a good scope to mount on it. Has a 1:10 Kreiger barrel.

Wondering what people use in theirs. Thinking about 180 or 200gr Accubond, maybe the 178gr or 208gr A-MAX, for hunting out to about 600 yards.
Man there are so many choices and you can not go wrong with the Accubond at all.

I have Accubond, Berger, SST, X-Bullets, and Sarracos that I load for my 308 cal rifles and any one of them will work for you for all the animals you mentioned.

I try and stick to the 180g bullets for the 300 wsm no real reason its just what I like, but if you choose to go heaver or lighter it is no real issue at that range. If you dont have an extended box mag or your rifle is built on a short action and you chose to go with lets say a Berger you may be stuck loading 1 round at a time so you need to think about that to.

I have some 150 x bullets that work very well in my 300 wsm
This was a question on another thread a couple of weeks ago so you may want to do a quick search if you dont find much info here. One of the quotes from that thread was something like "the best bullet for your 300 WSM is the one that shoots the best." In this day and age it couldnt be better to be a handloader with so many selections, but that can be a double edge sword. So many selections makes it hard to choose from. Either way competition among bullet manufactures has become so tight that I really think that most any bullets out there will preform to high standards. So if you find a bullet that shoots well in your gun thats probably the best for that gun. But I digress!!
I have been shooting 168gr Barnes TSX bullets out of my short mag and they have preformed ok. Accuracy was decent and the performance on knocking down animals was pleasing. I am going to give some Bergers in that same weight a try and see what happens. I like the 168 gr bullets becasue I think they pack a good whallop but are quite as punishing on my shoulder as say a 180-210 gr bullet. Just my opinion.
Guess I should have mentioned what I have.

Its built on a Time Precision single shot right bolt left port action, HS Precisions stock, 26" Krieger full bull barrel, weighs in at 13 pounds right now, will probably top out around 17 pounds when I get a scope, bi-pod, and a M1907 leather sling on it. I am going to paint it sage brush camo this summer. It doesnt have a safety so it wont be loaded until I see an animal I would like to take.

I would like to stay with 168gr or heavier with this guy. With the 1:10 twist hopefully it will stablize the heavier 210gr because I have big plans for it.:D
I have a savage model 16 in 300WSM I use as my Pack gun for long trips hiking when I want less gun weight. has a muzzle break and a leupold vx-3 scope with the B&c reticle in it. I would not hesitate and have taken game out to 500 yrds with it
I know several guys using the 190 Bergers out of there 300 WSM's, they rack up a lot of elk and deer with them. We gave the 210's a try in a 300 WBY but performance was a little unpredictable, we are going to give the 185's a try.
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