Hunting w/140 A-Max in 6.5mm

I used them in Wisconsin for whitetail and here in Maryland for whitetail.. No complaints from any of the deer, one shot kills. I didn't recover the bullets for examination.
We shot 4 whitetails with them from a 6.5x284 last season from 530 to 742 yards. All were shot once, all were very dead...
this one was laying in a bed at 680 yards....she got up but staggered about 15 feet and was done. All exits were dramatic.
Will 2700 fps mv get me to 600 with enuf energy, vel.,etc. to do the JOB on cow elk???
It'll impact at 600 with 2050 fps, and 1300 ft. lbs.

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That load will certainly kill an elk with proper shot placement but in my opinion, its a little light to be intentionally shooting at mature elk at 600 yards with.

If the wind blew you into the shoulder bone, you would probably have at best a hell of a tracking job ahead of you, and at worst, a lost elk.

Good Shooting!!!

Kirby Allen(50)
I understand 50-- that type of shot would only be taken under the most ideal of conditions/setups-- something we come across occasionally up in the mtns. A steady 10mph x-wind will move that bullet 20" @ 600. The only real answer to the limit of one's ability to shoot at any particular range is experience. I guess then the only way to find that answer is to get out and see what can be done under field conditions-- something i intend to do in short order. Thks. for the reply.
If concerned about penetration at impact, go with the 140gr SST. This will provide you with an accurate hunting bullet that will penetrate at those velocities. Also, the BC should be higher then the Amax giving more retained vel and energy at impact.

My steel targets at 600yds show some very nice craters from Saturdays testing. It should have no problem if it encounters a shoulder.

You might have to back down your present load a bit as these SST's are longer - longer bearing surface.

Good luck.

What Jerry said.

Or - if you want a really heavy bodied bullet you could use the 140 Sierra gameking. I get the best accuracy with these in most of my 6.5's. Used this one in a 6.5x55 on a couple elk. MV was 2725. One @ 100, another about 135 yds. Both went clean thru - no evidence of expansion but end result was good.

Kevin Ballowe
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