A-Max in 22-250 - hunting Roedeer


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Feb 5, 2004
Since I´ve got so nice precition with V-max I´d like to try A-max. I know you guys use this bullet for hunting. Anybody experienced hunting with that bullet? Does it totally come apart at 100 yards hit for instance? Is it only good for hunting LR?
Most Roedeer are shot at 50 yards with anything over 125 yards considered a long shot.With that in mind and considering the size of the animal it will probaly act as a solid and pass straight through unless heavy bone is hit.
Strange... the opposite of what I expected. It will act as an solid on short range high velocity. My guess was that it would explode like an varmintbullet.

If your theory is correct the a-max does not expand at LR either and thereby quite useless. This cannot be correct. Anybody else with firsthand experience with a-max in small rifle calibers?
I shoot the 75gr (.224) A-Max from my 22-243AI. It is lethal on fat groundhogs at ANY distance but it often does penetrate completely through. Not always but often. It does NOT act as a solid, in that plenty of expansion is evident. I am pushing them rather fast at 3,668 ft/sec measured 10' from the muzzle.
i'm pretty sure they behave like v-maxes, and are maybe even more explosive.

just load some up and try them out.... that's what i'd do.

The Hornady A-Max is a target bullet not a varmint bullet.A is for accuracy V is for varmint kinda thing.You are correct in that you noted high velocity is the key to bullets exploding on impact rather than other common myths about bullet RPM.The A-Max doesn't have the thin skin(jacket) of the V-Max and therefore it doesn't expand as fast.If you go to the Hornady website at www.hornady.com you will see it is only made in long range target weights except for the 22 caliber 52 gr bullet which is the most common size of 22 caliber target bullets.You asked the question so i gave you the answer if you don't want to hear the truth choose whatever bullet you want and good luck.
Chill.. Lynn... I´m just asking for firsthand experience since I´ve noticed several in here in fact do use this bullet on deer (bigger cal that .224). I know what the bullet is designed for, but I´m much more interested in what the can DO.

I will of course test the bullet and gaine som firsthand experience myself before I go hunting. Just wanted some tips if anybody have tried the lighter weights on game animal.
Check out www.jacksonrifles.com on Google and then click on their VLD's and Varmints article . All will be revealed in regard to small calibre A-Max on light deer .
Realistically , as I understand a Roe Deer is no bigger than a kangaroo (up to 150 pounds) and I'm sure no tougher . Thousands of roos are shot here annually with hot .22's and varmint bullets . 600 or so foot pounds of energy is plenty for roos with good bullet placement .How dead do you want ém ?
1894 - it´s the 52 grs a-max cal 22-250. Twist 1:14. Approx V/0: 3600 f/s.

They key questions is: does it come a part at ranges 50-100 yards? Does it expand efficient enough at ranges 200-350 yards?
Well i won't encourage the use of a match bullet on a Roe deer, but i have heared that some folks use the amax on rue and have scimilar performance to a ballistic tip. with regards to Roe bieng shot mostly at less than 50 yards, depends on the area you hunt em in. Ive shot em at 2m and i've shot em at 620m, average for me in Germany is under 100m, average for me in UK is 300m, usualy from one hill to another between conifer plantations, if i can stalk em to 50 m then i will. Try the SST and the Balistic Tip, you might be surprised by the accuracy..
How about the little 60 grain Partition? anyone try them yet? At least part of it should stay together.
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