6.5 140 SST or A-Max


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Feb 26, 2003
Pueblo, CO
Going for deer/elk in about 3 weeks. 2800+ f.p.s. m.v. Shots could range to 6- or 700 yds. Any suggestions between the 2?? There's a considerable difference between the 2, and no doubt B.C. as well. Haven't looked that part up yet, but will momentarily.
Personally, I would go SST just incase of a close in shot. Either would work at LR but the Amax may not penetrate enough at close range.

I have been working with the 140gr SST and it is 1.5" long. BC is probably the highest in its class. Nice bullet

What cartridge are you using? Barrel length?

I did some testing of both bullets on my homemade tissue simulators. I am using the A-max specifically because I found it to be more explosive. I shoot groundhogs and small whitetail. I believe Hornady said they should work on foxes and small deer.
I believe the sst may be a better choice for your purposes.
I'm a backpack hunter, and as such i've been using the single shot pistols for some years now. The gun is a 16" XP in 6.5-284 Win. with 3-12X Burris Ballistic Plex reticle/target turret. I've gotten pretty good results to 700 yds. with the 129 SST, but i can add some energy with the 140 @ 6- + 700 yds. I'll be testing the rig from field positions on steel in the next few days to see what my true practical range is in the field on a deer vital area size target.My velocity estimates may be a little on the high side, but i'm figuring somewhere between 2700-2800 m.v.

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