162 A-Max (7mm) & 140 A-Max (.264) for deer and or elk?

Jun 18, 2007
NE Wyoming
Would either or both of these bullets be good for deer and or elk?
MV's on the 162 would be in the 2700 fps
and the MV on the 140 A-Max would be 2800 fps.

Reason for slower MV's is they would be used in a specialty handgun.


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I'd take a good look at the 160gr Accubond for game heavier then whitetails. It proved to be very accurate in 2 of my 7mm rifles.

For what its worth, they have been shipping the newer 140gr Accubonds too.

Heck, I shoot groundhogs with A-Max bullets!

Just to be sure of adequate penetration, use the SST in the same bullet weights.

I doubt you will have any problems at those muzzle vel, BUT there are times when you need to take a "poor" angle shot.

I hunt with the SST and have never had a problem. They are wonderfully accurate and sometimes even have a higher BC then the Amax or matchking.

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