My STW and the 162 A-MAX

Boyd Heaton

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May 14, 2001
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Loaded the A-MAX with 80gr H1000 Fed 215M primer's.C.O.L at 3.700.Ten shot velocity is 3113.Shot 3 3 shot group's.The first one had two in the same hole and one about a bullet dia higher.The other two were not so good.But were still under an inch.The gun kick's HARD.....Need's a brake..Got my eye on a big coyote.And I think this gun will do the trick....Using the Leupold Long Range base with Burris ring's.+.20 in the rear and -.10's in the front I used only 1 click from bottom for my 100 yard zero

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I was very much interested in trying the A-Max in my 7STW but after buying a box I was told by Hornady that they would not be stable beyond 100yds if used in my 10" twist Hart barrel.
Oddly enough, that is the same barrel and bullet that is used in their newest reloading manual.
So far I have had exceptional accuracy with 140gr bullets.
What twist barrel are you using?
It's 27" with a 9 twist.I am going tommorrow to shoot it at 700 1000 and 1250 yard's to make any final adjustment's to my drop chart.Will let you know how thing's work out.
In the mid 70s Hornady made a 162 Rebated B.T. Match Bullet for the 7mm. I used 75 gr H4831 in a 7mm/300 Wby and it shot real good at 1000 yds. When they quit making the rebated boattails I tried the new ones but they never shot as well. I tried the new 162 AMAX bullets at 100 yds and they were very impressive with the same load. Velocity is 3300 fps out of my 30", 9" twist Hart barrel. I've yet to try them at 1000 yds, but probably will this year, but the 168 Sierra Matchking shoots great with 1 grain less powder.
The test's on my STW today looked very good.Shot it at 700 900 and 1200 yard's.My 1000 yard and 1250 yard rock's are quite big so I found small one's at 900 and 1200 yard's.The 700 yard and 900 yard test's were a perfect five for five on both rock's.At 1200 yard's I missed the first shot a little high and had about 8 inches of left to right drift.After some adjustment's the second shot was right on.The gun won't be used out past 7 or 800 yard's but it is good to know it will hit something out that far.The guy I had with me had never shot at anything past about 100 yard's.And he could not believe that he could hit something at 1200 yard's or 700 yard's for that matter.He want's to take his brother the next time.Said his brother would never believe it.Anyway we'll see if it can hit a coyote at 1000 yard's or so.
Your Sendero should have a 9.5" twist.
I'm needing to come up with some good justification as why I want to rebarrel my 7 Remington Magnum to 7 STW.

Any help you folks could give me would be greatly appreciated.
Unless your 7 mag is shot out, don't bother. It's nice to get the extra zoom out of the big case but you will pay the price with a short lived throat.
I'm thinking of rebarreling to 300 Wby, which should provide a little more power AND better barrel life than the 7STW.
Just my 2 cents.
Tim I have tryed on numerous occasions to rechamber used 7rem mag barrels from various makers and have had poor to say the least end results. I don't know why but it just never seems to work as well as new chamber in a new barrel. My advice is to either leave your 7 rem alone or to spend the money and rebarrel properly. Be aware that the STW is like a 220 Swift in respect to the life expectancy of the barrel. Is 200 fps really worth the expence? I have built several of both STWs and Rems both shooting 160 gr bullets the difference in velocity across the cronograph was an average of 270 fps with good accuracy.Certainly you can get more fps but generally the grouping increases in size
Varmint Hunter,

Been very happy with my 300Wby. Suggest trying the 155gr Amax in a 1 in 12 twist or similar. This combo flies way flatter and drifts less then expected. Much better then the 168gr (amax, nosler J4, ballistic tips) I have tried in my rifle. My muzzle vel is 3200 to 3250fps with the 155 and 3100fps with the 168's.

For a plinking/varmint load, I am sold on the 155 Amax bullets. Shot this combo to 1800m (1960yds) a couple of weeks back. Bullet stays stable.


Look at some recent reloading manuals (Nosler #5) and you will find that there is not that much difference in performance between the Rem and STW. The Nosler manual actually lists the same vel for both.

From a long barrel rig, the STW will shine but in a 26" barrel, wouldn't bother. Lots of barrel wear, recoil, noise, component consumptions and 100 to 150fps more...maybe.

The 7 Dakota would be a good choice. Maybe a shortened ultra mag. These would be the same as the Rem without the belt. The short magnums (Win and Rem) won't be able to perform like the reg. 7mm Mag when using heavier bullets.

Good luck...

Jerry Teo
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