How many Shots Before Cleaning

Triple BB

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Dec 12, 2002
I've got a Remington 700, in a 300 RUM. I'm shooting Hornady's 165 grn Interbond with Retumbo powder. I usually have to clean it after about 17 - 20 firings because the groups start to spread out. I've got a couple of other rifles that don't need cleaned anywhere near that often to maintain their accuracy. Does the above seem unusual?

Mountain Man

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Feb 18, 2003
Potter Co. PA
got a 700 in 300RUM myself. cleaned it a week or so ago, but couldnt tell you how many rounds went thru it before the last cleaning. 100+ at least. there for a while i was afraid to clean it, because the more i shot it, the more groups were sticking right with each other. didnt want to try and fix what wasnt broken.


Darryl Cassel

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May 7, 2001
Triple B

Could the groups have started to open up because the factory barrel was to "hot" after a few rounds?

This will make the groups open up considerably.

If you shoot 4 or 5 for sighters and then 5 more rounds for group in a factory barrel, the 300 RUM is producing quite a bit of heat in the hot summertime temps.

Don't know how much time had elapsed during you 17 to 20 shot string?

Just a thought.


Well-Known Member
Apr 12, 2002
Loon Lake WA
I try to keep mine clean inside of 30, but have gone as high as 70, that in 223, before cleaning, and after proper barrel breakin.

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