How many rounds before accuracy drop off?

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  1. ShootnMathews

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    Dec 18, 2012
    How many rounds do you get before fouling starts accuracy drop off? My barrel is still fairly new, about 175 rounds through it. It's a stock savage 6.5-284 Norma. I'd like to know how many shots one should be able to shoot before the barrel fouls to the point that accuracy falls off. Mine seems to open up around 35-45. Is that normal??
  2. RT2506

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    Jan 10, 2008
    Each rifle is different. There are too many variables involved to come up with any point that accuracy will drop off. If accuracy drops off between 35 and 45 rounds in your rifle then that is your answer for your rifle. If you change powder or bullet then things could be different.
  3. screech

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    Nov 26, 2005
    Every barrel is different but 35 is probably about right. I've had barrels on my short range be guns that only had a window of about 25 rounds that they would shoot well. And you had to have at least 3 fouler rounds down it