How many test shots does Winchester make?


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Dec 4, 2007
Tempe, AZ
How many test shots does Winchester make at the factory?? I got a new XPR Hunter in .300 Win Mag., and I went to clean it yesterday. It was what I would consider filthy. I kept scrubbing and scrubbing and patch after patch after patch after patch kept coming out dirty. When I picked it up at Sportsmans, the box was sealed with single layers of tape, so I know no one in the supply chain took it out for a joy ride.


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Feb 25, 2008
This is a common theme...which no-one seems to know the answer.
I bought 3 Win Model 70 EW’s back in 2005, one in 300WM & two in 338WM.
All looked like they had been on Safari, when asked, I was told they had been guest rifles at our version of SHOT here in Australia.
Each had had a box of ammo, or thereabouts, fired through them.
On a different purchase, my Kimber 8400 Select in 300WM looked as if it had been fired on Safari too. No answers on that one either.
I know they fire them for function, but the number of rounds used, I do not know.

I worked for a gunshop, we had 5 Rem 700 SPS rifles in 7-08 come in that had ZERO RIFLING! Were these fired for function before being shipped? I doubt it.