How do we start a LRH chat room?

3rd it......
To tell you the truth...I'd like to keep things around here real simple. So far I almost never have a technical glitch. Can't remember the last one. I don't even remember where the info is to use in getting support from the Infopop (UBB software) people.

I don't mind footing the expenses myself for this site since I created it for my own selfish reasons (having a candy store of my own). But I am not currently motivated to make it even slightly more complicated with something like a chat room. Sorry!

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Len in order to have a CANDY STORE means you have to open the door or blinds sometime in order to stay in business.

Or you might have a big dental bill from eating it all.
Hey len, My brother in law had a personal web site that he put a chat room on for our family which is spread rather far apart. he said it was easy as pie to put up. I'll get more info if you're interested. Perhaps if you gave him FTP rights, He'd even set it up.
The only thing that I don't like about chat rooms, is the fact that once men and wemon get together "in chat," they don't seem to talk about hunting or shooting anymore, if you get my drift. I stopped going to chat rooms for that very reason. I'm happy with the one here at home with me, and am not interested in flirting on line with someone i don't know. I think we have all seen it.
Chat rooms are ok for real time responses.

What makes this site so great is its wealth of knowledge that can be attained by researching all the past topics. It just works better with the current format.

I am a techie, but I say keep it like it is. This place aint broke so it does not need fixed.
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