Why Do We Hunt

As an employee at the local gun counter we had the occasional person look at the surrounding mounts and ask "how can you just shoot something that beautiful?"

My response was usually along the lines of "Not only do I believe that animals are a miracle of God and not only do I believe that they are some of the most beautiful parts of nature and not only do I believe that they like us, are an integral part of the ecosystem. I also believe they taste good too."
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Either the RMEF or one of the editors of Bugle put out a book a few hears ago called "A Hunter's Heart, Honest Essays On Blood Sport". It had quite a few thoughts on it and some interesting insight. Not an easy read, but worthwhile for those who choose to defend our passion for hunting.
It is part of who I am. I began hunting as a small kid with my dad. I have always hunted - it is a part of my biography. There is an honesty to it. I am very proud I do not buy meat at the store - I do not pay someone else to "do my dirty work" for me. I kill, butcher,and wrap my own meat. A hunter understands what a burger and steak is - where it comes from and the effort that goes into it.
pleople blame hunters for shooting innocent animals,while most of them heating meat whitout knowing what was le live of this poor cows or pigs,who end up right in they're burgers,the fast food industry are the one who treat animals lives with no respect what so ever.
On top of this I beleive by hunting, I am providing my family with good substanance. It's either I provide them with good, nutritious, natural elk, or I can go to the store and buy some mystery meat loaded with hormones and antibiotics. In which these animals are penned to live amongst there own feces.

Give me ELK! And some permits too of course.

Hunting is Pro Active nature conservation. Todays hunters care far more about the environment than do most any other groups of society. We hunt because we know that what we are doing is providing a nessecary part of wild game and environment management, Hunting ensures that game and other speciew will continue to thrive in well managed areas, we prevent the species becoming extinct due to lack of habitat, over population poaching, encroachment of humans in wildlife areas, disease prevention and management, environment management. Income from hunting and related activities generates millions of $ worth of income in many areas, much of which goes towards environmental conservation. Lastly but not least, we as humans are top of the food chain, to hunt is in the very nature of mankind. Game meat tastes good and is a healthy source of food. Hunting in its self gives us a chance to get back close to nature, bieng close to nature is a most enjoyable experience.
Why do i hunt? I owe it to mother nature to do my part to help balance and improve what man kind has messed up since the industial revolution, i take from mother nature, but i always give back more than i take.
An excellent book on this topic is this:
The Delights and Dilemmas of Hunting
The Hunting versus Anti-Hunting Debate

by Forrest Wood, Jr.

I have an autographed copy of the book.
Why do we hunt? I think it's because it's hardwired into us (some of us), like a lab chasing a stick or a Brittany pup pointing anything that moves. When early man got past the gathering stage and started hunting for food, it became a very important activity. It remained a source of food and eventually became a social event, even after men learned to garden and raise animals for food.

The fact that it's great fun doesn't hurt, either.
I hunt because I can hunt.

These past few years, I have taken to hunting predators. In Arizona, I can hunt coyotes every day and can bag lots of bobcats and some cougars.

To hunt herbivors, it seems, somehow, easy. To see them is to kill them. Predators, on the other hand, require a bit more work and I find it very satisfying.

I call them close and bag them with a .221 Fireball caliber CZ Model 527 rifle (22-inch barrel). I back that up with a Glock M20 10mm (in case of cougars).

By hunting and killing predators, I provide a higher likelyhood for the deer and antelope fawn populations to make it to breeding age.

Just my thoughts....
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