Holland HD Recoil Lug Doesn't Fit In Sendero Stock


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Feb 26, 2003
Holland HD Recoil Lug Doesn\'t Fit In Sendero Stock

I was in the process of putting the 7mm RUM back into the factory HS Precision Sendero stock when I find that the Hollend heavy duty recoil lug will not fit in the stock. It comes in contact with the sides of the stock/bedding block way before it hits bottom.

Is there enough material in the sides of the HS Precision aluminum beddding block to grind out so that the Holland HD recoil lug will fit?

Kind of looks like it may get a bit thin in the sides if I grind out enough of the stock for the recoil lug to fit.

It fits fine in the Choate Varmint stock.

Do other stocks have this problem?

Re: Holland HD Recoil Lug Doesn\'t Fit In Sendero Stock

I had a Holland lug put on my PSS when I rebarreled it with a Kreiger barrel in 300 RUM. I took a dremel and slowly ground out the lug recess in the necessary areas to make it fit and it seems to be fine. The PSS stock is a HS Precision with the aluminun bedding block, I think the Sendero is very similar.
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