Help me with scope


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Oct 23, 2003
So I sold all 3 of my NF 7-35x56 F1 MOA scopes along with a few rifles. The scopes were awesome except that at high magnification the reticle was really thick to my eyes. I purchased a 300PRC from a member on here and now need another scope but I am looking for something in the $2500 range but not a S&B because of the location of the illumination knob that will affect the ring location.

I shoot MOA and the NF 7-35x56 MOART may be the best option for me but wondered if there is another option I am not aware of. I run Vortex HD on some of my rifles but might want to try something different. I like a longer scope to look good on a 28 inch barrel. I know this is a subjective question but thought some other opinions might lead me in another direction.

Thank you in advance for the information and please "no scope bashing" because they are all expensive and have pro's and con's.
IOR and US optics both are high quality and give the "look" you're after.
I have been looking at them and Tangent Theta along with others. I hate to spend $4500 and not like it.
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