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    1. Adirondackdolly
      Just a short introduction to get started looking for binocular optics posted on this form. I am a senior, retired living in the Adirondack Mts - upstate NY. - currently spending most of my time training competition black labs for AKC retriever field trials. Summers spent training in Tug Hill near Lake Ontario- winter training in North and South Carolina.

      I have been an advid sportsman throughout life however as I age it gets harder and harder to pull the trigger. Much more enjoy the beauty of life itself these days.

      I am currently looking for new or like new current model alpha binoculars SLC's, and possible EL SVs and Leica HD plus in 8 to 10 power. I will be home for the next two weeks with internet access at [email protected] or call me at 518-585-6387 if anyone has something for sale.

      Thanks very much guys and have a nice day. By the way- did anybody have anything good for breakfast?
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