gun selection?


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Jan 14, 2003
I am looking for a hunting/target rifle for
long range. The two I was looking at were
the weatherby trr in 300 win. or the rem m700
sendero in 300win. any ideas would be great
trying to stay around $1200. for a stock
rifle then maybe upgrade as I go along.

Welcome to Long Range Hunting!

My guess is that the majority of folks here would opt for the Rem 700. Easy upgrade(s) and it'll probably shoot fine with just a few tweaks.
Keep your eye on these guys...they're being polite now, but hang around us long enough, and you'll wind up like the rest of us; buying guns that cost more than our cars do.

The Sendaro with it's heavy barrel is nice, the M70 Winnie does has good lug engagement, and Savage rifels are...mighty tough to beat. Weatherby rifles CAN be nice, but if you get a Weatherby in a non-Weatherby chambering <i.e. something that Roy-boy didn't "invent", you'll get a 24" barrel instead of 26", and believe me, the extra length can be nice for a few good reasons. Not a matter of life and death there, but hell--you might as well get all that you can, right?> Any of the aboved mentioned would serve you well. As an aside <I'll be the first evil one>, if you find a cheap action, rebarreling with a good custom barrel is always an option, and you should still be able to wrap things up for under $1200 easily enough. The nice thing about can pick whatever cartidge your heart desires, and you personally can call your shots as to what tolerances you want held; if you don't know, most of the barrel makers can give very helpful advice <Dan Lilji for certain, and Frank over at Krieger barrels has been very helpful to me, also.> Just another mind-boggler.

If your looking at investing $1200 I'm with Cybra all the way. Pick out a nice barrel, you pick the length, Win or Rem doner action, stock "you" want and have it trued up, chamber, again to what "you" want, then bedded and scoped and your off with a fine rifle that you hope shoots tiny little groups.
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>A Winchester MOD 70 classic has many quality stocks available,<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I'm in the market for one of these stocks right now.

Care to make some suggestions? I prefer a wide forend, but I am open to suggestions.
Not exactly sure if these might work but check this out, these are from McMillan's internet special page, may or may not be still available. Hard to beat an HTG for hunting.
#681 HTG/TEX R/H, L70, w/f-p, Sprtr B/C, Pres Pad @ 13.5", 2-Studs, Painted Black $300.00

#682 HTG/TEX R/H, L70, w/f-p, #6 Doug B/C, Dec Pad 13.25", 2-Studs, Molded-in Olive-Black-Gray Marble $300.00

To order any of the following, call (623) 582-9635 during regular business hours.
Make sure to indicate that you are ordering a stock from our "NET SPECIAL".

I'll take look at those when I get home tonight. Their site is blocked on the work computer. I hope Len never changes the META tags for this site, or I'll get locked out of here too.


A wide Beavertail is what I prefer. I have a McMillan Remington Varmint on my 17, and love the way it handles both hunting and on the rest.
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