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Dec 14, 2002
for my LR hunting gun project i originally planed on buying a Vari-X III 8.5-25x50mm Long Range M1 scope. i would like to shoot out to at least 1000 yards with it and maybe an ocasional 1500 yard shot. i don't think i'll go much further then that. since i don't want my gun to weigh a ton (maybe 15 lbs with everything) i would also walk around with it in the woods. if i see a nice buck 50 or 100 yards away i'm concerned that the minimum of 8.5x for the leupy would be to high to track an animal if it descides to run or jump in the bush. i guess what i'm asking is, is there a guideline or something you guys could help me out with so i can descide what kind of magnification i need to make shots on 1000 yard deer/elk/moose with the ocasional shot at a moose maybe someday at 1500 yards? i am really only considering the leupold Vari-X III M1 line (4.5-14x50, 6.5-20x50, and the 8.5-26x50). how much magnification do i need out to 1000 yards (most shots would be 1000 and under) with the ocasional shot out to 1500 yards? game i would like to hunt with this setup include whitetails, black bears, elk and moose.

i'm thankfull for any ideas you guys can shoot my way.

Hello 338

I think it's a persons preferance as to power. Mirage is a large factor when turning up the power on a variable power scope when hunting or Target shooting.

The MOST used power or power setting for 1000 yard matches at Williamsport, seems to be from 20X to 24X.

For hunting at Longrange and extreme longrange I like from 15X to 25X. Again if you have more power to use many times you can't, because of the mirage.


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