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  • hi ultra edge,

    i cam across your post from a few years ago (Aug 2011 - Re: 338 Edge Throat Length and Cartridge OAL ) about loading 300gr bergers into your edge.
    I am considering a 338RUM or 338edge and ideally would like to soot the 300 hunter elites.
    i also want this to be a mag fed option but am getting alot of local knowledge saying i have to limit the projectiles to a 250grn berger in a 338RUM to mag feed even with a wyatts....

    what action was this rifle? and what did you have to do in order to mag feed the 300gr hunter elites?
    did you have any special reamer / throat length?
    was it a lot of work to machine any parts to make it work?

    thanks in advance.
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