Gov powders and pulled bullets

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Oct 11, 2012
Anyone have any experience using gov surplus powders such as Wc867? Also what calibers do these gov powders work well in besides the .50 bmg. Just interested because I found some for just a bit more than $4 a lb and thought it migh be a way to save some money. Also my second concern was if anyone had any experience with pulled bullets such as the .22cal 62 gr tracer rounds. I found those for 5.9 cents a piece and was wondering if these migh be a contender for paper punching and target practice. How do they shoot? And are they as uniform as a mainstream reloading bullet such as hornady fmjs or another brand. I understand you normally get what you pay for was wondering if these may be a a good deal or another example of just that. Thanks everyone
Also are there any adverse affects on the barrel with these or an fmj round.
I have used some but decided for the level of quality and the specific purposes of my ammunitions I do not think it is worth the hassle. Then again if you want a volume of tracers (which I have no use for) might be worth it for that specific purpose. Tracers typically shoot like a rock from a sling shot......kinda in that same direction,mostly, pretty much. I have decided load development with well known powders can be a pain so it just is not worth it to me and the pulled bullets are not going to live up to accuracy expectations if you are use to quality components. If I needed to feed a machine gun for fun I would be all over it. For serious shooting..... not so much.
I like or will tolerate some of the mil-surp powder but the bullets are rather lacking. I have wc 872 on hand at present. You really need to think like you are wildcatting if you are running mil-surp powders as they ARE NOT canister grade and can and will vary in burn rate. Just loading up "from the new keg" may get you a stuck bolt, blown up action, or worse. Start from 10% to 15% down with these powders and buy a rather large lot(at least a keg or two) to start with so you don't have to re-work your load every day. I wouldn't do mil-surp. unless you are **** comfortable working up loads without data, and are cautiuos at it to boot. BTW., Hodgdon was mil-surp for decades and they didn't do so badly, did they?

As far as what they work in, usually over-bore like the smaller bore ultra's, but you can find mid-speed stuff for more moderate calibers if you look.
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I use 844 and 844t in my LMT rifle bulk 55g bullets and wolf primers. Its just inside 200m training ammo, to try and keep cost down as much as possible. The stuff works great I'm sure it will group well out a little further but I have not tried. Its more accurate than the bulk federal M885 stuff you get online.

Where are you finding the prices at?

There will be no adverse effects from the bullet, the 844T burns hotter to ignite the f on the back of the tracer round so with increased heat comes increased rate of throat erosion.
The site is called seams they have some pretty decent deals. Check it out and let me know what you think
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