finally shot my bmag


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Dec 14, 2013
well it was only to get it sighted in on paper. shot it 10 times. the only issue I had if I had to pick something is the bolt. 1st it seems to be in the way when I have my hand on the trigger and 2nd it would hang up when putting a round it the chamber. Although I think it could be me not pushing evenly forward on the bolt.
I never had a misfires or splitting shell cases. If the bolt only had a little up sweep at the end it would be out of the way of my hand. So far I'm pretty happy with the gun. All my shots grouped together, but I was only 5 yards from my target.

I also looked up pillar bedding and bedding a stock. Midway USA has a how to on youtube. He made look way to easy and they did it to a wood stock. Don't know if synthetic is done the same way. One thing I saw that I believe a lot of unhappy bmag owners will benefit from would be the pillar bedding.

That will be my first alteration to the stock, but I think I better use a gunsmith. If I mess up the mounting points I'm screwed. I'll bet accuracy is greatly improved with this mod. Good luck.
true gsperaz, but it was a test to see how it would function. The bullets where extracted ok and for the most part fed ok too. no missfires or cracked cases.

So I think that should count for something. Im sorry for the guys that got duds, but I think so far Im encouraged with mine and that not all are bad.

factory rimfires have limitations as far as ammo goes. until you can hand load them, I guess accuracy will be as good as the factory ammo allows.

Im just going to have fun with it, and put the smack down on cans and bottles and of course my squirrel hit list.
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