bmag barrel question


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Dec 14, 2013
Has anyone got a custom barrel for the bmag. Does anyone even offer one. Or should I send my stuff back to savage for the new bull barrel.
if you are haveing trouble with accuacy your problem might not be the barrel. it is probbly the stock!
I have a bmag and the stock is in my opinion is landfill. When I shoot it I can only get relyable accuacy if I hold the stock under the barrel lug (where the barrel is screwed into the action). It seems that the stock is so flimsy that if I use a normal hold the forend twists and makes contact with the barrel.
Try a boyds stock Boyds Gunstocks they offer a nice selection of stocks that are drop in all that is needed is for you to drop your action in.
I've got the bounds stock. I'm going to try 25 gr8 bullets. My question is about the barrel.

Are there barrel makers making barrels for this gun. Or has anyone put a damper on the barrier.
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