Favorite deer caliber and gun


May 23, 2011
My favorite is a .308 cal. Rem mdl 700 sps tactical. Best deer rifle and most accurate gun Ive ever owned. If deer could talk they would tremble when this gun is mentioned.
I know it is out of fashion, but I love my Remington 721 .06 for a go to gun for deer and even most of the situations for elk.
H&R Ultra Slug 20 gauge for when I'm in the woods.

Semi-custom 7WSM I had built for sitting on edge of fields and planning on hunting past 150 yards.
H&R Ultra Slug 20 gauge for when I'm in the woods.

Semi-custom 7WSM I had built for sitting on edge of fields and planning on hunting past 150 yards.

I'm looking at a Brux barrel for one of my rifles. Which contour do you have on your 7WSM?
I have a Mod 670 Win that I converted to .308 w/ an 18" barrel. It is a nice little rifle to carry around and has the potential to be deadly to 580yds.


.308 seems to be just about perfect for deer. Easy to shoot, accurate and has plenty of power for 600 yard shots. Mine too is a 700 SPS but with the 24" barrel. It's been a great gun. Love the Remingtons they are like erector sets for big kids and with the price of the SPS you can get in to a rifle for a lot less money and then upgrade it as you get the funds.
If I remember correctly, it's a #7 @ 26" plus break. Its heavy, finished with scope @ 15 lbs according to my bathroom scale.

Nice lookin rifle. I was guessing it was at least a #6. The weight adds up quickly! I'm leaning towards a #5.
270 is my favorite. I have a couple now. Both are shooters. One Ruger, one Rem 700. Both have had custom work.
I've either owned, or killed deer with all the main players - .243, 6mm, 25/06, .270, .308, 30/06, & .300 mag.
IMO the best - big manufacturer, standard cal, out of the box deer rifle is hands down, a Rem 700 bolt in 7mm Rem mag. If you hit'm descent, they go down on the spot.

My .02
When hunting around here it's mainly woodlands and I either stick with a Model 7 7mm08 or a Remington 760 carbine in .308 they both do the job well, and handle great in a tree stand.
Depending where I am going to be hunting I lean toward my rem 700 22-250 or if I am going longer I love my browning abolt 270wsm. But neither is as good as my rem 700 300 rum for long range hunting.
How can you pick just one?

most memorable... pre-64 Win 94 30-30 (1st deer)

most used... Kleinguenther K14 30-06

carry... Steyr SL 223

long range... Sendero 7mm Rem Mag

I actually don't even shoot so much anymore. It's all about spotting for my son and teaching him the ropes. I've had the good fortune and satisfaction of bagging many trophies. But, teaching future generations takes it to a whole new level.

can't wait for him to use this rifle we built together... http://www.longrangehunting.com/forums/f19/my-first-build-72748/

-- richard
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