Favorite deer caliber and gun

my marlin 35 back in the ny timber. killed alot of deer with that gun. Out here in az where i live now win model 70 7mm mag. did a nice job on a couses at 250 yds last year.
My favorite caliber for deer is a 25-06. It is a flat-shooting, hard-hitting caliber and with the right bullet, it is accurate as well. My brother hand loads a 110gr Nosler Accubond that works really well in my Remington ADL model. Although my Remington is not a bad rifle (just a bit heavy), my favorite rifle is a Browning X-Bolt Stainless Stalker. I have one in a 300 win mag that is a real pleasure to carry and shoot. One day, I may replace the Remington with one.
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Depends on where I'm hunting but my go to rifle for several years now is a Model 70 Supergrade in 270wsm. Put a McMillan stock and more recently a Nightforce 10x variable with the HV reticle that's quick, good in low light and, nuts on out to 600 yards.
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