Favorite 300win mag factory ammo?


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Feb 23, 2010
Stuart, FL
What is your favorite/best factory 300win mag. ammo and gr. size? Something that can be bought at say Bass Pro or online etc. for Elk.

Planning to go on my first elk hunt sometime this year and trying to figure out what i will shoot. I normally just use Rem Core-Lokt for deer etc, but figured there must be something better for Elk.

IMO, a quality 180 gr bullett will get the job done farther than most(not all) people can accurately shoot with factory ammo and off the shelf rifle(again most NOT all). Find a Quality bullet ie; bonded or, copper ,or partition style, that shoots well out of your particular rifle. Federal and Winchester offer a wide range of Quality factory ammo.
In no particular perfered order:
Federal 180 gr
Winchester Supreme,& Supreme Elite 180 gr
I dont particularly care for ''molly/lubalox''coating, but thats just me.The above mentioned Bullets that have these coatings are still good quality bullets.
Find wich shoots best out of your rifle and ''dope'' your drop out to your personal best/comfortable range and practice with them untill you are confident. Dont trust the balistics on the box. Good luck on your bullet choice and hunt
2 180 gr. Winchester XP3's @ 333yds did the job for me this year. First 1 in the chest would have done the job but he didn't fall down immediately so I pumped another round in the neck. He dropped like a rock. I get 1 MOA out of my stock 700 SPS when I do my part with this round.
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I'm new to this LRH forum but i have taken several bulls and bucks.
For factory ammo I like the remington premier line with scirrocos.
I took a bull at 640 yds with one.
Whatever is most accurate in your rifle........ My main walking stick is a tikka wsm and it's favorite factory ammo is winchester 180 silvertips and because of that I have bean using them for everything with great success for the last few seasons. It gets strictly handloads now but with the same bullets.... Dear,Elk ,Bear and even coyotes at long range, Nothing I have shot with them has required any tracking what so ever. As long as it lands in the right spot the options are endless.
Last year I was unable to set up and reload before my hunt. I bought Federal Premiums 180 grain MRX loads for my 300win. At that time my gun was just a stock Remington 700. The gun shot them around 1.25moa. Pretty typical for that gun with any factory load. Unfortunately I did not see a legal bull so I cant tell you how they work on elk. My son shot a nice buck with his. High shoulder shoot at 100yds. Dropped in its tracks.
Winchester Supreme 180 Ballistic Silvertip / 180 Nosler Accubond and Federal Premium 180 Nosler Accubond all give excellent accuracy (< 1 moa ) and shoot to the same POI in my Browning A-bolt. It really comes down to what your gun likes, with the proper bullet.
There is nothing wrong with the old standby 180 grain Remington Core-lokt for elk if your rifle shoots them well, which I've found most do. We've eaten many a elk steak thanks to them. There are certainly better (higher b.c.) bullets available in .30 cal but none kill any deader than the core-lokt.
That is the truth! I am a 60 year old Montanan. Killed lots of elk. I bet there isn't one kill out of a hundred where these bonded, partitioned and other high tech bullets made any difference.
i use to you nothing but federal premium but switched to hornady custom 180 grain spire point interlock bullets. check out the ballistics each mfg. puts out. shot tighter groups and better ballistics than other makers. seemed like less recoil to me, federal premiums 180 300 win mag was same as 180 grain 30-06 doesn't seem right but it was in their brouchure. my browning stainless stalker a-bolt would not group with the winchester 180's, shot about 5 rounds and gave away the rest at the range. went with hornadays and never looked back. every gun is different, so i would try about 3 different brands. good luck