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Sep 19, 2002
Not long range, but...
You may have seen my posts for elk hunts available through a friend of mine who is an outfitter. Last weekend I guided and had an awesome time. All the hunters were great to guide and fun to be around.
Opening morning I got one hunter in on a 6x5 bull. It is really rather small for what is available in the area, but this guy had his heart set on getting a "6 point" and shot this one:


7mm RUM, 160 TSX, 240 yards. One shot kill.

After spending the day getting that bull packed out I took out another hunter. This man was primarily a meat hunter as he has a son who is battling cancer and has special diet needs.

Saturday evening I was glassing an enourmous 7x7 but we had a big canyon between us and the bull and darkness was approaching. There was another bull being vocal just below us, but I could not find him in the timber. After a great evening and a good walk we called it a night.
Sunday morning I took my hunter into an area that had not been hunted or scouted. Daybreak found us paralleling a bugling bull along a ridge. The brush kept us from effectively going straight after him, but I knew as long as we could stay with him and keep him bugling we would get a chance later when the ridge funneled into a basin. Two hours later I had the guy positioned at the basin and out walked this 5x5 bull. I ranged him at 296 and gave the hunter a description of the rack like I always try to do. This guy smiles and says I bet he will eat good and prepares to shoot. I had setup the shooting sticks and told him to wait for my call. I hit the bugle and the bull stopped to bugle back - perfect broad side shot with a .270 through both lungs. The bull ran 20 yards and piled into a tree.

270 Win, 130 CoreLokt, 296 yards 5x5

Immediately after getting this bull field dressed and placed in a shady spot I hear rifle shots up the canyon from us. I left one of my radios with the hunter and started walking that direction. My friend got on the radio asking for help as his hunter had hit a big bull hard but he could not find it. I responded and continued in their direction. I then got the call that they had found the bull but it was stuck in an arroyo. Once I got there the three of us managed to pull the bull out. I dressed, caped and quartered this bull while others made plans for getting it out.
This is the hunters first elk ever. He had hunted whitetails where he grew up back east but never elk. A very nice bull to start with. I jokingly told him it was all downhill from here but he could do better if he comes back next year as he said he would.

300 Win Mag. 6x6 Nice palmation on the top.

When I got back to camp that evening I snapped a picture of this hunter with his nice bull. I did not have a chance to get many details, but the hunter is from Texas and killed it with 4 shots (all hits) from a 7mm Mag. It is a 6x5 but look at the length of the back tine. It should have forked but did not.

7mm Rem Mag 6x5

I believe there may be one more hunt available this year and still plenty of elk. That 7x7 was still alive when I left.
Contact Darrell at 970-209-0900 if interested. There is always next year too...

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What kind of prices is a guy looking at for one of your hunts?

I live in Montana but have always heard the elk numbers in Colorado are unreal. Sounds interesting, you allow handgun hunting, spell that handcannon hunting?

Thanks for the information,

Kirby Allen(50)
I honestly don't know what he charges. Feel free to contact him and see what he has to say.
I do know from guiding that this is not a typical operation. Darrell has outfitted in a number of places in the state and I believe he now has one of the best. The area he hunts borders New Mexico and he takes hunters both places depending on the tag. I have only guided on the Colorado side, but it is the same elk.
It is a great operation for trophy elk. Elk grow big and numerous because of good genetics and good feed. While it is not any kind of high fenced hunt, it is on private land. Darrell has been outfitting this area for over 10 years and knows it and the elk well. Success rates are very high and I have never heard of anyone killing something smaller than a 5 point.

I don't know of any problem hunting with a "handcannon", but I would check with Darrel. As you can imagine he has had hunters of all types over the years. I would guess he has a good idea on how to get a handgun hunter the best chance for a good kill. What kind of range limitations do you have with a "handcannon"?

I can reach out to 400 yards with a good fiedl rest and print sub 2" groups with my 338 WSM XP-100.

This handgun will drive the 210 gr Partition to just shy of 2800 fps. It has noticably more power then a 338-06 in a rifle.

I do not feel much of a handicap with this handgun at ranges out to the 1/4 mile mark.

If you don't mind, could you send me his contact info as well.

My e-mail address is [email protected]


Kirby Allen(50)
Email sent.
It is best to leave a message on his cell phone at 970 209-0900 since hunting seasons are still going on.

Sounds like that XP-100 is a bit more than the average pistol. It should not be a problem hunting with that. If it is an issue when you book the hunt let me know and I will arrange to guide for you.
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