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  • Sorry John for not getting back to you sooner. I went with a guide who knew the range. I ended up shooting a non typical and had a poor hunt. The quality of the animals has gone down hill on Stallion. A lot of broken horned animals. The range has done a horrible job at managing the heard and has oversold the # of tags greatly over the years. We saw the best animals along the base of the mountains in the back of the range. If you can hunt Friday it gives you some time to get more comfortable with things. The 2 day hunt is a bit nervous.

    On Sunday we saw 2 nice bulls only 100 yards off the road as we went to get my animal. They will line up and go in 2 different directions on the base. One towards the mountains and the other sort of away. It' a lot of driving and hopefully not too long of a stalk.

    I do have a good outfitter I could recommend. Best of luck. Call me if you want more details.


    I know it has been a few years, but I have drawn my once in a lifetime Stallion Range hunt and any information you can provide to help this hunt be more enjoyable would be appreciated!

    Thank you

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