Effect of Headwinds?


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Oct 24, 2007
South Central, CO
Here is a picture of a Rose Wheel, which shows the effects of wind on a bullet from a right hand twist barrel. We really pay attention to the wind when shooting benchrest. A head wind (11 vs. 1 o'clock) can have completely different effects on the bullet. Just like 5 vs. 7 o'clock. The outside arrows represent wind direction, the inside dots are for the effect on bullets from center.

Amen! For many years, I shot a 222rem in BR, and it really taught me a lot about wind.


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Dec 4, 2004
If the wind were actually hitting you from closer to 11 oclock than 12 then there is your problem. You need to know as close to the actual direct as possible.
Just a little info: One of the worst winds to train guys in (for me) is a fishtailing head or tail wind. If it comes varying from say the 1 to the 11 and it is not picked up instantly then guys wonder why they miss left and then miss right. They usually think there is something wrong with their equipment.

This is absolutely my thoughts as soon as I read this thread. The problem with a head or tail wind is that if it varies much in terms of direction, it is extremely tricky. A wind at 11 o'clock is a half wind hold (actually 54%), as is a 1 o'clock wind, but in the opposite direction - so you need to really watch the direction. Contrast that to a side wind that varies the same except from 8 o'clock to 10 o'clock - that wind is a 91% full value at 8 and 10 and a 100 percent at 9 - the direction is secondary to the magnitude.

Give me a wind from left or right any day over a head or tail wind.
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