Defensive Edge, Nightforce and Berger!


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Apr 21, 2007
Just shot this 3 shot group this morning with my .338 Edge and figured I should give credit where credit is due!

dang dude. I used to feel good about my 100 yard and 200 yard groups. If I achieved that level of precision/accuracy I'd quit my day job and shoot for a living. Hopefully I'll have my 338-300 from Hart barrels by the end of next month!
Can you share your load data including distance from the lands? My Edge shot great until I switched lots of H1000. Thanks
Heres a pic of my rig.
29.5" Hart barrel
5.5x22 NXS NPR1 reticle
Jewell trigger
Greybull precision stock
APS brake

Nice shooting.. I shot a one holer, 3 shot group myself today with my 338-378 Tejas that Todd Bettin built me.
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