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Jan 22, 2002
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Just got back from a Carobou hunt up there(dont ask.baaaddddd) Yoy will need your birth cert if u do not have a passport
I would suggest bringing a passport since that is readily accepted ID. Usually a drivers license is fine but given the changes with security, better be sure.

Declare ALL folding knives or any device that is considered a weapon. Ask the person you meet at the border. Don't let them find it during a search.

Firearms must be declared and forget about bringing in any handgun or restricted/prohibited firearm if you don't have the permits first. You will know since you spent the last few months getting it.

Go to for details. It really is straight forward if just coming up for a visit. For Cdn though, things have really changed at the US border.

Oh well, a sign of the times...

I'm a goin a fishin up noth wif my boy an wundered if'n any uf u could gimme details bout crossin da border at Niager Falls. I know this ain't got nuthin to do with a shootin arn pokin one a long ways off but figered with all the good friends on here sum uf yun's could help. If you ain't never been this far south or watched Duke's of Hazard then I will translate. We are visiting Canada by way of Niagara Falls over the labor day weekend (no firearms). Do we need anything special with us to cross the border. Vehicle ID, personal ID. Anything we need to know. I assume we don't need a passport for Canada but with security what it has been lately I just thought I would check. Thank Ya Kindly
Thank you all very much. I have everything I need now. I guess Alabama is spelled Alerbamer down here which is the way I here it pronounced a lot. It is right next to Jawjah where Atlanter is the capital and the university mascot is a Dawg. I am ready to move back to Colorado or take southern english courses if I stay. It is a different language down here.
Well, now that we have all that out of the way I'd like to say "Welcome to Canada" and I hope you catch your limit. Enjoy your stay. I was watching the thread but of course since I live here I don't know what we're asking other folks for at the border.

Right on Jerry, very good advice.... a few years ago I was crossing into Canada at the Sarnia border crossing... going to visit some friends on the Bruce. Planning on doing a little plinking and groundhog shooting, so had 2 or 3 rifles and plenty of ammo with me. Declared at the border and no problem until they decided to search my vehicle....... Forgot all about my PPK 380 Pistol burried under candy wrappers and gas receipts in my center console. Yep they found it along with my very favorite folding Buck knife. I was promptly arrested, my Blazer confiscated and I was charged with smuggling contraband into the country(a felony)!!!! They ask who the pistol belonged to and I told them it was mine, so thank goodness they did not arrest my wife. To make a long story short, after she bailed me out, and paid to retrieve my vehicle we finished our trip. Several months, a couple of court appearances, letters attesting to my charachter from my local sherriff and banker, and about 6,000.00 later I was cleared of the charges. Never could get my PPK back, and the attorney said I was really lucky to have been cleared of the chrges to not press my luck!!! But you better believe, whenever I go into Canada now, I thoroughly check my vehicle to make sure I did not forget and leave any pistols or knives stashed anywhere.

This all happened several years ago, long before the increased security!!!I only relate this experience in the hopes it will prevent someone else the embarrassment and expense of a similar encounter.
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