Canadian Moose

Jul 29, 2009
I can't claim that this was a really long range hunting shot, but it's a pretty nice bull moose....:D

Was out on the weekend with friends, looking for my bull elk, and my friend's son was looking for a bull moose. He wasn't feeling too well (flu), so we were trolling some gas lease roads in the morning....anyway, came around a corner, and spotted a nice bull with a cow about 225 yrds away, behind a small rise. We could see his body, not his legs. We stopped, piled out, and got down in the ditches where he couldn't see us. Al started calling, while his son Adam stalked ahead, and I did same on other side of the road. The bull came in about 30 yrds, looked pretty suspicious, and decided it was time to follow his cow heading to our right.....

I waited for Adam to squeeze off a round with his .30-06, and a split second later I squeezed off a round with my .308, and Al followed almost simultaneously with his .270....just a little insurance, as nobody likes to track a big moose a half mile and pack it out of a pond....:rolleyes:

Needn't have worried, we all distinctly heard three whacks! and all felt pretty confident about our placement (it was about a 175 yrd shot).

We jumped back in the truck, and slowly drove down the road to where we thought we'd hit him. We got out of the truck, hadn't even got my rifle out and Adam says Stop! The bull was standing in the bush, 30 yrds away, shaking at the knees. Adam chambers another one and finished him cleanly.

High fives all the way around, back slaps, and then the work started. Glad this guy went down so close to the road. He only managed to go 20 yrds from where we'd hit him, good blood everywhere. We got him rolled over, and saw where all three of our rounds entered just behing the front shoulder, right into the vitals. I was amazed he had made even 20 yrds, especially once we opened him up and we saw the damage. Those are some tough critters!

What was particularily neat was that two of our rounds hit 2" apart, but where it entered the chest cavity they had diverged to about 4 or 5", so we knew it was my round and one of theirs because we were shooting from opposite sides of the road. The other round was less than 6" from those rounds...pretty neat group from three guns. Any one of the rounds would have dropped him, but again Al and I wanted to make sure that Adam got his first bull, and also a clean humane kill.

After we dressed him we loaded him in halves, and it was all the three of us could do to get him on the truck, each half we estimated at 350 lbs or so. Have to see what the meatcutter comes up with....His spread was 48 1/8", pans were a matched 22" inside. Very nice!

Without further ado....Left to right, myself, Al and Adam with the perma grin!

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HHHmmmmmmmm, problems with seeing the pic also.
Congrats to you all with the hunt, I can only imagine the damage inside the vitals of that bull with a 30-06, a 308 and a 270 inside!!!! WOW, and he still walked 20 yards away.
Your pics aren't showing because you're linking them from the forum.

You need to upload them to photobucket or a image sharing site then link those to here. :)
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