Compact long range scope


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May 3, 2005
S.W. Okla.
I have a mtn rifle built on an old 600 action with 22" barrel. It's in 6.5 x 284. Would like target turrets and side focus, but short. Also around 600 or less. 3 X 9 or a little more.
The leupold mk4 2.5-8 is 14.5 ounces and 11.3 inches long suggested retail under the $1200 mark. I have the standard vx111 on a 600 with a 20" 6mm barrel looks and feels fine. I have the MK 4 on a Tikka T3 scout 223 20" barrel it also looks and feels correct. The V6 2-12 doesn't have the target turrets and is a little bigger, and a little less money.
Also have a plan to mount it. Short actions, and short scopes can be problematic to have it all line up. The rail systems give a guy a bit more flexibility.
Compact has lots of meanings today with most scopes being about as long as your arm! How short do you want to go?

I am not sure how far you plan on shooting that gun but estimating what it weighs and with the shorter barrel my guess is you aren't going much past a 1/2 mile or so. If that is the case you don't need a whole lot of power. If you can keep around 10x or less on the top end then you can pretty easily lose the requirement of a side focus which may help add some more options.

SWFA has an excellent 3-9x42 right at $600. It is a great scope all round. good glass, excellent durability, excellent turrets all in a pretty compact setup. It has a nice reticle too if that is important.

Scot E.
Thanks, lots of good info. Yes I won't be shooting 800yds. I prefer the lower power. Side focus is just so nice and handy but good optics can help. Going to look at the swfa and the leopold. I also need one for my smokeless muzzle loader, should work for both.
Horus hawk, best bet, i'm thinking about going to the h-25 or 37 on all my scopes. Dialing is for 600+ and you need above 16x for real precision over that. Another option shepard 3x10. Awesome for hunting.
I have a NF 2.5X10x36 on my 270WSM. Great glass, Reticle, and very compact. No side focus though, but no parallax issues to 700 yards.
Leupold 6-18x40 with whichever reticle you want. Short, lightweight, and in the power range you can use.
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