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Hi Darrin,

Pardon my asking, but what's your reloading experience thus far? Just like to know what you have to build on here.

Kevin Thomas
Lapua USA
No worries I actually considered putting my experience in the post. I have been reloading for two years. Started with my 243 and my 300wm. This will be the first time I am necking anything up
Necking up is a pretty straight forward process, and a lot less trouble than necking down. So, you're ahead of the curve on that one. You can usually neck a case up using standard dies, particularly if you use a tapered expander ball. Personally, I prefer the mandrel type expander as sold by Sinclair, and I would imagne some other specialty makers. Better support there, IMHO. Beyond that, once the cases have been necked up, I'd run them through a standard resizing die and proceed with your normal case inspection/prep process as usual. I haven't worked with the Edge, so I don't know just how much fireforming is taking place there. Perhaps someone with a bit more personal time on an Edge might give you some advice here. Beyond that, you shoupld be ready to load as usual from that point.

Check out the Sinclair catalog (available online, too) and you'll see the stuff I've mentioned here. Hope that helps.

Kevin Thomas
Lapua USA
I have been reloading about 5 yrs, and consider myself to be about a sophomore in the art. I have a number of .50 BMG cases with ring-crimped primers. Can someone please tell me if those can be removed so that I can reload the cases? I can't seem to find that info anywhere.
Mike you are right, Shawn is a very hard man to get a hold of. Very busy building rifles I asume. Thank you for your reply

Actually, Shawn got back to me within minutes after I clicked on the link you gave me, and he gave me the info I need. Maybe he smells new meat here.

Thanks all for your help. Bunch of good guys here.

I assume you are haveing a 338 edge built. What parts are you using?

Yep. We traded emails back and forth for a week... mostly me asking why this and can you do that... In the end I asked him to build a Canyon Rifle like he would build for himself (including optics, base, rings, etc). So that's what he's building.

I'm having a heck of a time finding .300 Ultra Mag brass and CCI250 primers. Everything is back ordered. I've got some time so I'm not stressing. Yet
I just expanded 50 the other day. My rifle wont be here for a couple of months but I had to do something. I sorted a bag by weight and ended up with about 55 or so. I then ran through a full length die that I bought from Mr. Carlock so it had the bushing die.

I then placed a gigantic order with Sinclair and have been playing with neck turning on a couple of rejects and micing necks to get see the differences.

I decided to segregate by neck tolerances and ended up with 2 piles. Most peices ended up within one thousanths but had more than a few that were 1 1/2 thousanths out.

I know I did not do this in the right order and if I remember right I should segregate by weight after neck turning and fireforming.

I have 400 more pieces and would probably part with a bag. If you get in a jam let me know.

Great timing for me to read this thread.

Thanks for the offer! I placed the rifle order right before Christmas so I've got some time :D

I finally picked up one of Sinclair's Neck Sorting Tools and now sort my brass with it. I try for .001 runout but read somewhere .004 is tolerable. I've seen a gillion opinions on neck turning and I neck turn some of my brass but wit the sorting tool I've cut way down on how often I neck turn. The nickle plated stuff has really been good. I rarely put anything in the "fouler pile" with nickle plated brass.

Sinclair is evil... they're like a money black hole... except things show up at your door when your money disappears :)
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