Best LR hunting recticle

I’m not very experienced but I really like the reticles on my Trijicon scopes. The MOA Dot in my 2.5-15 credo is great. Floating .25 Moa dot in a 1 moa opening with hashes every 1 moa out 30 Moa left, right, and down, and 10 up. My 4-24 Accupoint is similar with 1 moa hashes out 16 Moa left, right, and down with thick outer bars German 4 style, and the .2 Moa illuminated dot in the center but not floating. Both have open upper sections which I prefer. A combination of the two would be perfect in my opinion. The floating center dot and numbered hashes on the credo with the thick outer bars of the accupoint for bracketing if the illumination stops working. I would be sol with the credo reticle without illumination in low light because it only has thin lines.
I will also add that Vortex came really clos to what I’m talking about with the hsr5-i reticle in the LHT scope but the dot is larger than I prefer at .35 Moa and floats in a 2 Moa gap. I also wish it had hashes every Moa instead of 2 Moa. Even though I’m sure it would work great, it could be that much better.