Best LR hunting recticle

I have noticed the recticle offerings are becoming more complex. I am sure the market is leaning more to the PRS needs but I would think there more longrange hunters than competition guys. We just are not represented as well with manufacturers. Maybe it is just me. I tend to dial elevation and hold wind. The last glass I bought was the tmoa recticle from leupold because it was very close to my favorite nightforce np-r2. I don’t mind the extra hash marks of the moar. I noticed all this recently when I was looking for a scope for a build for my wife. She needs relatively simple to single aiming point. Normal crosshairs is all she has used. I am going to take her elk hunting next year


I like the Xmas tree mil style with numbers away from axis. I like 1/2 and 1/4 mil marks away from the axis. On the axes, I like 0.2 marks.

i like something to see the center point on low power like a horseshoe, circle, etc.

I like to hold under 400 dial elevation/hold wind further away.
I like the MOAR or MOART. There is enough space around the center crosshairs so I can see and the hash marks aren’t to thick. I like the space around the crosshairs because my eyes are getting older. Some reticle centers cover up to much.
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