Which Nightforce recticle?


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Jul 18, 2011
I'm getting ready to purchase my first Nightforce scope, but am having trouble deciding which recticle I need. I want to eventually be able to shoot out to 1,000 yards and I think the 5.5-22 will get me there. I will also be using it for deer hunting, so when deciding on a recticle I'm sure that figures into the equation.

I really like the MOAR and Velocity 1000's, but the price is much higher on them. I would like to know what recticles everyone uses and what you use it for. And of course any suggestions anyone has on any other scopes in that price range.....

I have a 5.5-22x56 with MOAR and really like it. I have found it to be easy to use for both target and hunting.
Good to know because so far that one is the leading recticle for me. Did you like any other scopes when you were deciding on the Nightforce?
Good to know because so far that one is the leading recticle for me. Did you like any other scopes when you were deciding on the Nightforce?

For a heavy, durable, true LR scope I like NF. (Note: when I say "true LR scope" I mean one that I intend to put on a big heavy rifle, and shoot/hunt over 600 yds. Under that, I prefer a smaller/lighter scope).

My personal preference is for MOA based, SFP optics. I find NF to be the best value for the features I like and use. I think you can definitely get better glass with S&B, etc (although I have heard the NF ATACR is close) but you pay for it. I also hear many good things about Vortex.

Good luck with your search. I don't think you will be disappointed in an NXS, that's for sure.

Yea, I will have 2 different setups. 1 for hunting the woods here, and this one for hunting corn fields etc.

Funny you mentioned Vortex; those caught my eye also.....
I have looked at a fee and found that the NF is just bullet proof. Literally!!!!
But it holds it's zero and is true!! I am not sure about vortex as I did not see them. I can tell you that all scopes work well in daylight. THE higher end NF and other shine in early morning or late evening. They are so clear!!!!!
I like them enough I have 5. I like the moar and npr2 best. Not as busy as others and I'm a hunter not a target shooter so I want to see the game.

If you want more, just let me know. Most of us are pretty good here.
Also might sell an NPR-2 if you are interested.
Good to know. Drop me a line if you decide to sell one. I really want something new though.

If I can make the $$$ work I'm most likely buying a 5-22x with a Velocity 1000 recticle. Cheapest ive found them is $2,025.
you have to pick which one suits you and that can be hard at times. I chose to finally purchase a Nightforce myself this last month but now am waiting because I want the new MOAR-T which is thinner and suits the hunter better as far as some reviews went.
Check with Bob Beck at Extreme Outer Limits TV. He usually has demos or slightly used Nightforce scopes for sale. I bought three from him last year, MOAR and two Velocity 1000, and they were in mint condition. Great guy to deal with.
I second contacting Bob Beck, I have purchased 3, 5.5x22 with the moar reticle, the first straight from night force via my gunsmith who is also a NF dealer. The last two were from Bob, he will treat you right . I considered the vel 1000 but if your ballistics don't match you are just spittin in the wind, Bob actually talked me out of the V1000. I don't think you will regret the MOAR I use it for target and hunting, and have no problems at all. Have a couple of high end luppy's on varmint rifles but much prefer the NF. Personally did not care for the Vortex but that is just my opinion, they are a pretty good scope I just didn't like them. Hope this helps
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