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Aug 24, 2012
So I have a Remington 270 win ADL with a 24" barrel that should be 1-10 twist.

I am going to see what it will do for long range and want to start loading up some rounds but need to figure out what bullets to try. I will be shooting all the way down to 200ft above sea level.

Powder on hand is H4350, H4831, H380, h414 Superformace, IMR4831, ReLoader 17,22,26

What are the higher G7 bullets people have got to stabilize with such a slow twist rate at low elevations? Any load tips for the Rem 700? I have a Magpul stock and Magwell ordered and should be able to load to a COAL that is close to 3.5"
The 145 ELD-X and the 140 Berger classic hunter have about the highest BC you can get in a 10 twist. My boys Rem 700 CDL .270 really likes RL-26, we ended up with 60.0 grains and a 140 @ 3100 fps.
CD96F026-784E-4ED9-BAAA-280B66BEA136.jpeg Yes and yes.
I’ve followed a long range hunter out of New Zealand. His research, has shown the Matrix 165gr hunting bullet stabilizes well in most 1:10 twist 270 Win. I just purchased the 165 Matrix in .277 but haven’t worked up any loads yet. The stated B1 BC is .650. Stated twist is 1:9. This guy’s website is
I finally got out and shot my first loads I worked up for my 270. I had 1lb of H414 and H380 that I wanted to use up so I ended up starting with those powders.

The bullets I have on hand are 130/150 gamekings and 145 eld-x.

I loaded the 130s @ 3.35 COAL w/H380 in .5gr increments from 48-50grs. This is in once fire FL sized R-P brass with CCI 200 primers. My brass trimming wasn't the best and ranged from 2.537-2.54 ( I found the 270 adapter for my good trimmer after I finished ). My expected velocities were 2800-2900. Actual velocities were 2815-2918. Best group was .9" @ 50grs. Just starting to see primers flattening @ 50grs.
I will load 47.8- 50.4 in .3 increments with neck sized brass and see if I can find a node there. Will also adjust my COAL to 3.345.

I loaded the 145s @ 3.375 COAL with same brass/primers w/H414 in .5 increments from 51-53grs. Expected Velocities were 2850-2950. Actual velocities were 2920-3030. I think I was up against the lands and this brass was trimmed at max length so the rounds had issues. There was heavy bolt lift and some cratering at 53grs, but I fired them anyway since velocities weren't too high, but they were definitely over pressure. Best group was < .5" @ 53grs. I will be seating deeper for a 3.36 COAL and trim the brass better. I plan to run a ladder test with the Neck Sized brass using IMR 4831 from 53-56grs. I will also ladder 150 gamekings from 50-52.5.
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