1. C

    New in box Christensen Arms Ridgeline 7mm left handed

    I’m selling a new in box left handed Christensen Arms Ridgeline 7mm. Carbon barrel and stock, muzzle break. This is a $2,225 gun that I will part with for $1500
  2. P

    Sig Sauer TANGO6 Scope, 5-30x56mm, 34mm, FFP, Mrad Price lowered

    For sale Sig Sauer Tango6 5-30x56 MIL/MIL Illumination and electronic bubble level, 34mm main tube in great shape and perfect working condition, with all the original accessories (sunshade and bikini covers), paperwork, and box. The glass in this scope is superb and is crystal clear. Great...
  3. J

    Huskemaw shooting tripod

    Used but in very good condition. Very handy and fits a unique niche. Great for carry in your pack. I do not have the V bracket for it just the leather front rest. $100 shipped Call text or email 801-710-5653

    SOLD/EXPIRED Sold... Rem 700 Sendero LA HS Precision Stock

    Take off no bedding or changes $260 shipped
  5. J

    Huskemaw 5-30x56

    Huskemaw 5-30x56 in great condition. Everything is in working order with no issues. Asking $1650.00. Call text or email. 801-710-5653 Jase 801-710-5653
  6. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED 300 hulk Norma Improved

    300 hulk with 500 rounds down the barrel. Shoots the 190 vld over 3300 FPS. Extremely accurate with 1/3 moa accuracy. 70 Norma brass. 28” barrel fluted. Jewel trigger. Pierce action single shot with rail. Nightforce rings. 30 power huskemaw scope. McMillan ultralight stock. 11 pound gun...
  7. J

    7mm Sherman Short

    Great build and extremely accurate. Has 75 rounds down a 21” fluted brux barrel. Gun ware did the smith work. Awesome mountain gun that weighs 8.6 pounds scoped. Only getting rid of the gun because of necessity. Shoots the 166 a tip and the 168 berger phenomenal. Look up the 7MM Sherman...
  8. IdahoHunter208

    G7 BR2500 or KILO2400ABS voting poll

    My wife is planning to get me a new spendy range finder for our anniversary this year and I am struggling trying to decide which one to get. The Gunwerks G7 BR2500 or Sig Sauer Kilo2400ABS. I got into long range shooting last year and hope to be good enough to compete in the next couple years. I...
  9. MajorSpittle

    Best .270 bullet that stabilizes w/ 10" twist

    So I have a Remington 270 win ADL with a 24" barrel that should be 1-10 twist. I am going to see what it will do for long range and want to start loading up some rounds but need to figure out what bullets to try. I will be shooting all the way down to 200ft above sea level. Powder on hand is...
  10. 4mattmyers

    Remington Sendero 300WM

    gotta make room in the safe. selling a Remington 700 Sendero chambered in 300 win mag. i purchased brand new and has around 125 rounds down the tube. all factory other than the bolt handle has been cut and threaded 5/16-24 to accept aftermarket bolt knobs. the bipod and the rear bag is for the...
  11. D

    X Bolt Max Long Range Hunter

    Thoughts? https://www.browning.com/products/firearms/rifles/x-bolt/current-production/xbolt-max-long-range-hunter.html Browning continues their trend of offering fast twist factory rifles. Personally wish 338 RUM was an option. 8.5 pound fast twist rifle with a brake and an adjustable cheek...
  12. T

    6.5 x 47 Lapua

    Rifle is in immaculate condition. Build list goes as follows: - Stainless Rem 700 trued action and bolt with hinged floor plate - Holland oversized lug - Bartlein Rem Varm 1:8 twist 24" - Hawkins Precision 3 port brake timed with barrel - Mcmillan Game Hunter Stock - Expoxy bedded action -...
  13. T

    SOLD/EXPIRED Vortex Razor Gen 2 MOA

    Perfect Condition. Not interested in any trades. Asking $1750 shipped to lower 48. Call or text with any questions. 406-548-7097
  14. H

    Kahles 10x50-56

    Perfect condition scope, used on a benchrest 22LR for a time. No ring marks or scratches. $2500. Not interested in trades.
  15. tr175

    SOLD/EXPIRED Rem 700 Titanium 30-06

    Nice, Remington 700 Titanium lightweigt mountain rifle. Stainless barrel, titanium action, bell & carlson lightweight stock. Heck of a deal, $1050 shipped to your FFL .
  16. tr175

    NIB Weatherby 30-06

    New in the box Weatherby Vanguard S2 30-06. Only ships to an FFL. You pay actual shipping. Only asking $350.
  17. Jmmcquirk

    6.5 284 Custom Hammond Rifle + 6.5 284 MOA EVO Rifle

    I have just acquired from a friend a very nice rifle, he wants me to sell for him. Also I have another rifle if anyone is interested... 1) I do no know much about the Hammond rifle, I was told they are made in PA and are ridiculously accurate. Has only been shot 25 times barrel is super...
  18. tr175

    SOLD/EXPIRED REM 700 6.5 Creedmoor

    New Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD in 6.5 Creedmoor. Heavy 22″ threaded barrel, adjustable trigger, Hogue stock, 15 MOA scope base & Warne 30mm scope rings. Will throw in a box of ammo too. $600 shipped to your FFL.
  19. Bman940

    New NIkon BLACK FX1000- FFP,30mm,Zero-stop

    A lot of guys have asked me about this new scope from Nikon and I think this may give you a lot of the answers you want. One thing, Nikon's max internal adjustment's are conservative and we have found that they are actually about 15-20% higher. Any other question's or suggestion's, let me know...
  20. M

    SOLD/EXPIRED Mil-dot scope Long range rifle scope Sold sold

    Looking to sell my scope SOLD SOLD